3 Must Have Nokia Lumia 635 Accessories

Experience the delight of Free music and Navigation with the New Affordable Nokia Lumia 635, superior imaging and sharing features. Built with an advanced quad core processor, the Lumia 635 works at fast speeds for a superior experience at an affordable price. A beautiful, 4.5” display is easy to read, easy to love.




Nokia Lumia 635 – Affordable Camera Phone with Windows Phone 8.1:



Latest Windows Phone Features:

This is the latest and best windows phone ever you will experience. Find and see all your details in New Action Center. You can also add a background photo to start screen with Live Tile.

Apps You Need:

Everyone phone has some pre-installed apps. The Lumia 635 has lots of apps pre-installed, with thousands more available at the Windows Phone Store. Lumia 635 has storage upto 128GB. 

Cortana – Your Personal Assistant:

Cortana, a whole new way to interact with your Lumia phone. Find out how it proactively makes your life easier.

Personal Radio Station:

Music lovers rejoice. Featuring unlimited, commercial-free music streaming at no additional cost, Nokia MixRadio comes pre-installed and ready to use the moment you power on your Lumia 635. Choose from one of hundreds of regularly-updated mixes or customize the music experience to you. Even listen while offline.


Accessories for Nokia Lumia 635:




The lightweight Nokia Universal Portable USB Charger DC-18 gives your compatible smartphone a full charge, no matter where you are.  It Features a battery indicator that shows you how much power there left in the charger.


  • It will show you how much power you have left. The battery symbol lights up when you pull out the cable to show you how much power there’s left in the charger.
  • It is compatible with all phones that can be charged with microUSB.
  • Comes in four brilliant colors to choose from, you can pick one that matches your phone.
  • Price range start from $24.

usb charger



Big Sound in a Small package, the New Nokia MD-12 Portable Wireless Speaker. Enjoy Your Music with Bass on the go for up to 15 hours.

nokia bluetooth mini speaker


  • It is a wire-free device with Bluetooth and NFC. It have a long-lasting and rechargeable battery.
  • It is small enough to slip into your pocket.
  • It is designed with an actuator built in, creating a big bass effect when set on nearly any surface.
  • With NFC included, just tap your NFC-enabled phone to the speaker and you’re all set. Or use Bluetooth and stream your tunes wirelessly.


The universal portable USB charger that’s big enough to power up your smartphone, yet small enough to fit in your pocket.

Nokia Universal Portable USB Charger DC-19


  • Stand out with eye-popping colors that fit your phone – and suit your style.
  • Up a mountain or on the bus, keep your phone fully fueled wherever you are with a portable charger that fits in your pocket.
  • Price start from $37.

So you will definitely love these accessories, then must try these once. Don’t forget to share with your friends.