3 Must have Nokia Lumia 830 Accessories

Experience the new Nokia Lumia 830 having Lumia denim update with accessories like Wireless charger, Bluetooth stereo headset, Wireless Stereo headset. Without having portable accessories every phone look dull and we don’t feel any pleasure to use the phone. We always use some kind of accessories with our Smartphone but if we use original accessories provide the Smartphone manufacturers itself; it will be the best part if u gets the accessories with phone.

Nokia Lumia 830 : Slim Stylish phone with Pureview & OIS

lumia 830


Nokia Lumia 830 is amazing phone with slim body and 10 MP Pureview camera to take great pictures. It also has 3 mic Rich Recording, to shoot high quality videos with excellent sound.

What’s good about Lumia 830 is that it comes with new windows phone update named “Lumia Denim update”. This update brings so many new features including Live folders, Alphabetical Settings options, social notifications, weather updates and health & fitness info all are on the glance screen.

Lumia 830 comes with 5 inch HD 720 screen, 1GB RAM and 16 GB internal memory which is definitely needed for this kind of phone.  You will have to use Nano SIM instead of Micro SIM as in other phones.

Nokia Lumia 830 Accessories:

Nokia Lumia have so many accessories from wireless charging plate to wireless charging case, Bluetooth stereo headset to wireless stereo headset. But we have 3 accessories which you must use to fully enjoy Nokia Lumia 830 anywhere, anytime.

  1. Nokia Pro Wireless Charging Stereo Headset:

 Nokia Pro Wireless Charging Stereo Headset

Nokia offered a well designed and soft cushions wireless stereo headset to listen your favorite music and forget everything. The best thing about this is that you can fold it and put up in your pocket. When you want to charged you up, just unfold and you’re instantly powered up and connected.

You can connect this with NFC pairing and to charge you can use Micro USB charging connector. It will also include 3.5 mm audio connector.

  1. JBL PlayUp Portable Wireless Speaker for Nokia:

JBL PlayUp Portable Wireless Speaker for Nokia

JBL the most powerful brand making speakers has introduced wireless speaker for Nokia Lumia 830. You can connect this via NFC and Bluetooth; it means no need for wires. Just tap your Nokia NFC-compatible phone on the speaker and let the music flow – effortlessly.

With NFC Connection you can stream songs wirelessly from up to 10 meters without any cables or leads.

It has specially designed bass port with a power range of 10 watts. It works like a mini sub to give real oomph to the MP3 tracks on your phone.

It outer surface is made of rubber so that you can make a grip on it and take anywhere easily.

It will play 10 hours of music on one battery charge, you can keep all those sounds coming loud and clear. Available in a choice of colors, this speaker will give your music some real attitude.

  1. Nokia Portable Wireless Charging Plate:

Nokia Portable Wireless Charging Plate

Everyone wants a Smartphone with high power battery but still after doing lots of work our Smartphone battery goes dead and then we think that we have some extra battery source to charge our phone. So here comes Nokia Portable Wireless Charging Plate which goes anywhere you go. Take the DC-50 with you while on the move – without the hassle of wires.

With the simple press of a button, LED energy indicators reveal how much battery remains. Or press longer to enable travel mode, extending the life.