5 Free Windows Phone Apps for Developers

Get the tools to help you start developing for Windows Phone. Windows Phone Store have so many apps for website developers or programmers which you don’t want to miss. These apps will include Programming tutorials, C language, Dreamweaver tutorials, Python and Learn Html. 

For every website designer or a developer or a college going student, learning development on the go with these mobile apps is really nice.

Here are 5 Free Apps which will teach you some programming tutorials. 

1. Programming Tutorials:

Programming TutorialsDevelopment Tutorials offers more than 1,500 videos on various topics . Using the aid of organized playlists, to allow them to keep on using their monitoring of understanding an excellent new development language – involved developers can perhaps work on personal subjects as well as observe their improvement. Lessons for that following development languages are available within a whole lot more: Windows phone, Windows-8, C#, HTML 5, Objective-C, Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Android, iOS and more.


2. Learn HTML:

This app will teach you to design a web page using HTML. In thus interactive course, a carefully selected video will be followed by learn htmlquizzes and checkpoints. Complete a series of hands-on exercises and practice while writing real HTML code. Learn while playing and play while learning with our FREE HTML Tutorial! Whether you want to further your career or simply gain a new skill, this tutorial will be useful for you.



3. C for Beginners:

C for beginnersC for beginners is a well designed app which provides the best way to learn C programming language. Enjoy while learning the basic concepts of C and understand the basic things a person needs to know to become a programmer. An easy to learn method to learn C.




4. Dreamweaver Academy:

Now you can have the power of Adobe Dreamweaver within your grasp! Learn new methods of web creation from start to finish Dreamweaver Academywith the help of this APP!  View web tutorials for every section of Dreamweaver and learn to code, run CSS, set up a website, and start creating sites today!