6 Things to do with microSD Card in Windows Phone 8.1

After windows phone 8 and 8.1 update, now you can Add/Save space using your microSD card in windows phone and store pictures, music, videos, and more. Although there are more things you can do microSD card which we have explained in our below guide on 6 Ways to Use microSD card in windows phone 8.1. 

One thing is sure that in every phone internal memory is so less that we have to use an external microSD card. But still we have lots of stuff to save on our microSD card like music, our favourite videos, some will store podcasts or motivational videos. picture swe take in our day to day activity that also of HD quality if we have 8 to 20 MP camera.

Before windows phone 8.1 update one feature which is not available in windows phone is that We can’t transfer apps from phone to microSD card or SD card to phone. Also we can’t save our downloads to microSD card. But as of now, all of these features are available.

Notes: This topic is about Windows Phone 8.1. If your phone is running Windows Phone 8, some options and icons may look a little different, and some features may not be available. Check to see which software version you have and find out if an update is available.

Tip: If your microSD card can be taken out, you can also use it to move or share media files.

How to Store music, apps, videos, and photos to SD Card:

Store music-videos-photos to SD Card

1. When you insert a new SD card, in the SD card found message inbox, tap Yes to store new files on SD card.

2. If the card isn’t new, in the App list, tap Storage Sense , and then pan down to set your preferences.

3. If your phone has an internal SD card already pre installed, in the App list, tap Storage Sense.

4. Go to Settings > Storage Sense >  Scroll down and choose where to store new music, videos, podcasts, photos, apps, and downloads—on your Phone or the SD card

Note: If you insert a new card into your phone that has apps from another Windows Phone already installed on it, tapping Yes in the SD card found message box won’t change where your phone stores apps. If you want to save apps to the card, you’ll have to delete the other phone’s apps first. In Storage Sense , pan down and tap Store new apps on my, and then tap SD card. In the Delete other apps? message box, tap Delete.

You can change your SD card storage settings at any time in Storage Sense. Storage settings are based on the individual SD card, so if you insert a different SD card, your phone will prompt you to choose new settings.

To View Pictures, Music, Videos on SD card, Go to your respected app like Photos App for Pictures, Music app for music files, Video apps for videos on your phone or sd card. As you can see in below image.

Guide to using microSD card on Windows Phone:

1. Go to for see How to Move Installed Apps from Phone to SD Card in Windows Phone 8.1

move apps to sd card2. How to Manage Files on SD card:

Storage Sense can help you find and manage the files on your SD card, including photos, music, videos, podcasts, and more.

  1. In the App list, tap Storage Sense  > SD card.

  2. Tap the category of file you want to manage, and then tap Manage.

 3. How To copy files to an SD card in your phone from your PC:

You can move files between your PC and SD card while the card is still in your phone.

  1. Connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • If you’re using Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP, open Windows Explorer from the taskbar.
    • If you’re using Windows 8, go to the desktop, and then open File Explorer from the taskbar.
  3. Under Computer, click your phone’s name, and then click SD card.

  4. To move files between your phone and your PC, right-click the file you want to move, and then click Copy or Cut.

  5. Right-click in the folder you want to move the file to, and then click Paste.

 4. How to To safely remove the SD card from your phone:

safely remove and format sd card

Before you take the card out of your phone, you need to go through a few steps on your phone first. Otherwise, it can cause problems with the card itself or the files on it.

  1. In the App list, tap Storage Sense .

  2. Tap SD card, pan down and tap Remove SD card, and then tap Yes to confirm.

  3. In the Safe to remove message box, tap OK, and then take the card out of your phone.

If you don’t safely remove the SD card, when you reinsert the card you might see the Scan SD card and fix errors message box. If that happens, tap Yes to have your phone scan the card and try to fix any errors. If you see an SD card scan failed message, insert the SD card into a PC to try and fix it there.

5. How to Format the SD Card (See Above Image):

You can format the SD card in your phone to erase all files on it and start fresh. WARNING: All your personal files and everything else on the SD card will be erased.

  1. In the App list, tap Storage Sense .

  2. Tap SD card, and then pan down and tap Format SD card.

  3. In the Format SD card? message box, tap Yes to confirm and format the card.

Errors or Issues your microSD Card have in Windows Phone and How to Solve these errors:

Issue: When you try to delete media content from an SD card that’s being used in a Windows Phone 8, you get a Protected Contents error message.

Why this error happens: When you transfer media content from a PC directly to an SD card using an SD card reader, and then insert that card into a Windows Phone 8, you can’t delete content from the phone, (or access the files on the phone through the PC’s File Explorer window, which is the Libraries folder where you store all of your media content).

The reason for this is that Microsoft Windows adds hidden files to a media folder (like the artist jpg file, or an indexing file) to optimize functionality of the folder on the PC. The result is that these hidden files are protected, and can’t be deleted on a peripheral device like a Windows Phone 8.

Solution: Re-insert the SD card into your PC’s card reader, where the files originated, and then delete the files and folders.

Additionally, if you continue to have problems deleting the items from the SD card, or you get additional errors, try running chkdsk. Here’s how:

1. From the Start screen, start typing Command Prompt.

2. In the Command Prompt window, type the following instruction line, starting where the cursor is:  chkdsk [your sd card drive letter]: /rchkdsk [sd card drive letter]: /r

3. Now, try deleting the items from your computer again.

source:microsoft support and windowsphone.com

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