8 Best Windows 8 Benchmarking Apps

Whether it is just to buy a new hardware to boost up the performance of your PC or to boast about how well you have configured the PC you already have, you will need a benchmarking tool to validate your point.

Now, when there are so many useful Windows 8 benchmarking tools available in the market, you are bound to get confused about which one to use. So we bring to you the list of 8 best Windows 8 benchmarking apps which is bound to provide you with a complete picture of your PC’s performance.

1. Novabench

When you are looking for a perfectly working benchmark which comes for free then Novabench is perfect for you. The benchmarking app is perfectly reliable and produces results according to the Novabench standards. Higher the reading you get, higher will be the speed of your PC. Although available for free, the app has no trials or limited usability whatsoever. All you need to do is download and run it on your PC and you will also get individual scores on various criteria.

2. 3Dmark

3Dmark is specially made for all the gamers out there. With an interface similar to the 3D games, the software comes in various versions which are available both as free and as paid versions. It has a full-screen appearance and provides separate scores for the CPU and the GPU. With a high score, your PC will have a better gaming ambience.

3. SiSoftware Sandra

Just like most of the good benchmarking tools, SiSoftware Sandra to come in both paid and free versions. However, the free version of SiSoftware Sandra consists all of the basic and essential requirements of benchmarking tools. You can get an overall result with this app about the performance of your PC or you can get individual scores for the various components and take actions accordingly.

4. Prime95

Prime95 just requires you to download the .zip file, extract it, install it and run it. Available with various kinds of mode which perfectly tests the various stress which your computer can undergo. Initially, you have to start off with the Just Stress Test option. After that, you can turn on the Torture Test mode, which will give you a perfect score card about the stability of your computer. You can also choose other benchmarking modes by going to “Options” on the menu bar.

5. PCMark

PCMark is brought to you by Futuremark and provides you with a detailed and clear picture of the overall performance of the PC instead of focussing solely on the gaming part. The free version of  PCMark is more than enough which provides you with the storage, video playback option and image manipulation among others, However, if you are looking for a more advanced and high-end option, then you might consider checking out the paid version of the app.

6. Catzilla

Catzilla is not just a benchmarking tool, but it comes with a lot of fun too. It has an amazingly animated interface which provides the users with a great result as far as benchmarking is concerned. It comes in a basic and an advanced benchmarking mode, which also shows you the ranking of your PC’s performance with respect to others in the form of a community board. The app also comes with an amazing tech support team, which is very helpful.

7. Phoronix Test Suite

Although not a benchmark itself, Phoronix Test Suite is a host of 130 benchmarks and 60 suites, which is bound to fulfil all the benchmarking requirements you need. The package is an important one and displays the result as GUI friendly documents. It offers complete benchmarking and also system monitoring tools.

8. Hyper Pi

Hyper Pi is a benchmarking app which is fully functional and yet simple to look at. It provides the users with a simple Windows XP style outlook. It provides you with various stress tests to complete estimate your PC performance by straining the CPU of your PC to its last limits.

When you are on the look out of your PCs performance issues, try one of the above mentioned best Windows 8 benchmarking apps as it is the best of the lot and has been specifically handpicked for your use.