Backup and Restore Lumia with Windows Phone

Backing up your Lumia Windows Phone is necessary because if you update your windows phone there is a risk of loosing your data. So learn the options of backup and restore in this tutorial. From Backing up to your settings, your apps, photos to videos, everything can be backed up.

Here are some options for backup and restore in Lumia with Windows Phone:

Backup in Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1:

  1. Before start backing up, you need a microsoft account.
  2. You can switch on a service that lets you back up the following to the cloud:
    • App list
    • Text messages
    • Settings
    • Photos
    • Videos

    backup lumia windows phone

    For the backup settings, tap Settings > backup.

    To automatically back up videos or best-quality photos, you need a WiFi connection.

    Your downloaded apps may not be included in the backup, but you may be able to re-download them from Store, as long as the app is available.

    To make sure you have synced your office documents to OneDrive (previously known as SkyDrive), tap Office > OneDrive.

  3. To back up your other content, such as music, use either the Windows Phone app for desktop or Windows Explorer.

How to Restore backup Data:

After backing up your data, you can update your phone. After updating all of your data is erased and then your Backed up data will restored. To restore the data you have backed up, on the initial phone setup, just sign in with the Microsoft account (make sure you have WiFi or data connection). Then the device may prompt you to choose which backup to restore, and the content is restored automatically.