Free Dating Apps Like Tinder & Its Alternatives

If you are a One night stand Guy or Girl we have found some best dating apps like Tinder. Some of these apps or sites are better than Tinder.  If you are bored or you want to search someone close to you the best way is to use dating apps such as Tinder, however, in this particular article we are going to present your apps like Tinder that will help you find your soul mate or someone with whom you can casually communicate. 

There are many different ways of hooking with someone. The idea of dating websites and applications were old as the Internet itself, and as soon as it was available for the general population, people wanted to use it in order to find their soul mates. During years many dating apps have changed to better because they acquired better matching programs and algorithms that will help you find whoever you want to find. You can also check out Dating Apps for One Night Stand.

Apps Like Tinder

What is Online Dating?

Internet dating or widely known as online dating is the system that gives to strangers possibility to introduce themselves to other people through the internet with the goal to develop a romantic, personal or sexual relationship. There are many different mechanisms and algorithms that those apps and sites use in order to find what you want. It is service that is most used on the internet from its beginnings.

The new way of online dating began when people started using their smartphones frequently. Developers found the way to allow people from all over the world to install their app and to have all possibilities as on the website, with many more features such as the exact location and people that are close to you. Everything you have to do is downloading it and installs it, in most cases; it is free and makes your own profile.

What is Tinder Dating App?

Tinder is a free dating app that functions through location-based social search that functions as a middleman between mutually interested users, allowing them to chat and communicate and afterward to meet. It is one of the most popular Android & iOS dating apps that contain many different features and services so today it is considered not just as a dating app, but social media application. Matching is based on Spotify and Facebook profiles. It is not a dating website as you can not access Tinder on PC. 

The app was launched in 2012 and today it contains one billion users that are called swipes because a swiping motion gives you the possibility to choose photos of other people in order to find good and compatible matches. 

If a girl receives 10 Tinder messages in a day, 7 of those are messages like hey, what’s up, how’s your day. Unless they’re a male model, starting a Tinder conversation like that isn’t going to get them far!

So here’s what happened when You boldly tried forth into the world of always Tinder swipe right. There are some rules for Tinder Swipe Right.

  • swipe right on everyone (with a limit of 50 people)
  • do not initiate conversation with any of my new matches
  • reply to everyone who messages you
  • don’t be purposely nice to everyone
  • keep the matches for at least 24 hours

Dating Apps Like Tinder & Its Alternatives

Even though, Tinder became an important part of our culture and we can see from the statistic that there are many young people that are using it in order to find their potential friends, loved ones and or just people with whom they can chat in boring moments. However, Tinder is not the only hookup app that will help you find your loved ones because the idea between these apps are the same and if you are bored by trying to find someone through Tinder, you should check tinder like apps, for example, maybe they will help you achieve your goal. These are the best dating apps of 2017 including Tinder. Most of the dating apps mentioned below work without Facebook. 

1. Bumble

Apps Like Tinder

This apps bumble works without Facebook is specifically made for women in order to set their virtual dating lives and to control them, it is widely known by people as feminist Tinder. Men are not allowed to message first, which means that women must start a conversation if they see any reason to do so. For example, an important feature that you have to understand is that you have to start a conversation with a match in the next 24 hours until the chat disappears and you get another match. The idea is not to wait who will make the first move, and if we compare it to real life, women should feel empowered enough in order to start a conversation. It is great Tinder like application that is great for shy women. 

2. Coffee Meets Bagel

Apps Like Tinder

Even though CMB is dating app, it functions differently than Tinder because you will be able to do only one match per a day and you can either pass or accept the person. Only if of you accept the possibility, then the chatting option appears and you will be able to communicate, however, only for one week and if you don’t find any similarities, you can always reject it and go further. Even though it is not as overwhelming as Tinder that allows you to swipe all day long, this dating service is great but if you want to have more matches, you must purchase pro version.

3. Happn

Apps Like Tinder

This particular application is great if you want to find an alternative to Tinder with similar features. You just have to turn on location services and it will show you members that are close to you, maybe even next to you. You will be able to like someone in order to start chatting, however, if you find out that someone next to you looks great, it is better to enter the app and to sync it with your location, and who knows maybe she/he is available and online. You can also send songs to your potential matches, in order to start a conversation, which is a great pickup line.

4. OkCupid

Apps Like Tinder

OkCupid is one of the most popular dating apps in the world and it contains a large network of people.  It is similar to Tinder because you will be able to answer a particular question that will be used in order to find your match. It is great if you want to lose time or to search your soul mate. There is also feature such as Quickmatch where you can search for people that are nearby and if you both like each other; you will be able to start a conversation.

5. Hinge

Apps Like Tinder

Hinge is great dating and real-life network that will help you find potential matches that are not strangers, but it could be your friends because you have to sync it with your social media, and on this way, you will be able to see who is close to you. Similar to Tinder, you have to make profile around Facebook interests and photos and as soon as you both like each other, you can start chatting. It is great Tinder alternative if you are bored by it.


We have presented you best apps like Tinder that could help you find someone close to you and reach them in order to communicate freely or maybe to find a friend or potential soul mate. The reason for their popularity is because it is easy to download, to use, you just need stable connection and you are good to go.

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If you know more Tinder alternatives, feel free to mention them in the comment section below.