Best Free Health and Fitness Apps for Windows Phone

health and fitness apps for windows phoneWindows phone store have so many Best Free Health and Fitness apps which will give you some healthy tips for your daily routine work. Microsoft is getting into the health-tracking space with a new Windows Phone app aimed at helping you reach your wellness goals. 

Windows phone apps for health and fitness include apps for Running, GYM pocket guide, Bing health and Fitness app etc. These health and fitness app on windows phone will help you to be heathy by giving you reminder about your health.

So here we will share some Best Free Health and Fitness apps for windows phone which you will love to use and share with you friends.

1.Bing Health and Fitness App for Windows Phone:

bing health and fitness app for windows phoneMicrosoft’s Bing health and fitness app specially “Designed for Windows Phone, brings you great fitness, nutrition and health content, along with trackers, tools and other features,” according to the app’s description. The Bing Health & Fitness app helps you stay on top of health and fitness trends and provides the tools you need to support a healthy lifestyle.

This Free app lets you set a daily calorie target, record what you eat, and get nutritional information for more than 30,000 foods right from your Windows Phone device. If you’re hungry for pizza, for instance, you might think twice after seeing how many calories, grams of fat, and carbs are in a single slice. As the day goes on, you can see how many calories you have already consumed, and how many you have left to stay on track with your goal.

health and fitness app bing

The app will keep you motivated with motivational messages. It will also show you step-by-step instructions, photos, and videos for “hundreds” of different workouts and exercises. This app also offers Yoga which will show some beginner-friendly moves like seated spinal twist or you can opt for a 35-minute fat-loss workout. You can use the GPS tracker which will record your time, distance, pace, and calories burned while you walk, run, bike, and do other activities.

There’s also an Interactive Symptom Checker, which lets you enter your symptoms to get information on possible health conditions. If you have more than one Windows 8 device, the app will keep your tracker data synched across all of them.

bing app


Download Bing Health and Fitness App for Windows Phone

2. GYM Pocket Guide:

gym pocket guideThis app officially launched by the best body making site. This app help Lose fat, build muscle or find some new exercises. No matter your goal Gym PocketGuide will help you improve your fitness with 100+ exercises and stretches all accompanied with high quality images, videos and step-by-step guides.

Features of GymPocketGuide:

  • Programs: From muscle-building to fat loss, you can get the positive results in 7 days with workout programme for Men and Women.
  • WorkOut Library: You will find over 100+ exercises with high quality images and videos which will guide you to make perfect position while working out.
  • No Internet connection required: Once you have installed GymPocketGuide app for windows phone, entire workout library is yours. You don’t need any internet connection to access videos or images.

gympocket guide app for windows phone

Download GymPocketGuide app for Windows Phone

3. Daily Workouts: 

Daily WorkoutsDaily Workouts provides great 5 to 10 minute daily workout routines for men and women that step you through some of the best exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home.These proven exercises, demonstrated by a certified personal trainer, target all major muscles. Spending just minutes a day can strengthen and tone your body.

The routine’s simple interface, complete with video and timer, allows you to easily follow along and understand each exercise. Simply select your routine and follow along!

➤ TheStreet named Daily Workouts one of the best fitness apps!!!

•Ab, arm, butt, cardio and leg workouts
•Pilates, stretch, ball and kettle bell workouts
•5 to 10 minute targeted workouts
•Video showing how to do each exercise
•170+ free exercises
•Custom routines
•Random routines

Download Daily Workouts for Windows Phone

4. DailyYoga for Abs:

DailyYoga for AbsThis app is perfect for people who want to have Abs very easily just by doing little workout daily.  Daily Yoga for Abs provides professional Abs building routine based on a total of 21 yoga asanas, with 3 training durations. This app have demonstration videos and voice narration to guide you through the whole sequence. Sessions of 10 minutes, 15 minutes and 20 minutes are provided for varied training targets.

How DailyYoga Help you make your Abs:

Different from traditional training which emphasizes only to strengthen the surface layer of your muscles, Yoga practices focus on an all-around training with correct postures, healthy breathing and rational movement arrangement. When building your abdominal muscles, Daily Yoga has many extra benefits to help better your shape.

DailyYoga for Abs 1

– Abs yoga can nourish internal organs at the abdominal region including intestines, stomach, kidneys and so on. This will provide better digestion and excretion.

– Remember to coordinate deep breathing with every move for a better control of your body. In this case you attain intense concentration to achieve better effect.

– Just like all yoga training, it helps you calm down and get rid of physical and mental stress.

– As you are all the way engaging abs muscles to control your motion especially the move of your legs, both your abs and limbs will be toned.

Download DailyYoga for Abs for Windows Phone


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