21 Best Free Music Downloader Apps for Your Android & iPhone

How do you get music on an Android or iPhone? What are the best free music apps for Android & iPhone? That’s why you should find the mp3 music apps that will provide you with songs that you like, and what is most important, those are free. If you are a music lover, you don’t have to buy CD or Vinyl to Listen to Music. 

Some FREE Music Downloaders Apps will work as Online Music Streaming Apps which will help you to download music to save it offline on their app and your Phone’s memory so that you can listen to Free Music without wifi. You don’t have to search for a person in order to re-record your favourite tunes; everything could be done with a simple click. Just install the app on your Android or iOS smartphone, and the world of music is yours.

free music downloader apps

Even though there are many countries and artists that don’t approve this particular principle, it is not a crime to download your favourite song so that you could listen to it in your own rules and conditionsWe have also made a list of Free music app without wifi for Android and iOS

Best Free Music Downloader Apps for Your Android & iPhone

1. SoundCloud Music App

We all know about SoundCloud and its popularity. It is used to follow already established artists, rappers and underground artists that upload directly their songs and mixes, and you have the opportunity to listen or to download it directly without questions asked. You can choose to pay in order to disable ads, however, that is not necessary if you can function with them around.

2. 4Shared Music

4Shared is great music app that is not anymore on Play Store because of problems with copyright regulations, however, you can download it easily, just Google it and you will find the guide that will help you understand how to use it. Just search your favourite artists, song or genre and the download can begin. You can also download music player that could give you the possibility to listen to music directly from the app without downloading it on your drive.

3. Hungama Music

This amazing app has huge database with more than three million songs available in almost every language, and country. You can also find music videos and other features such as video player, however additional features are not free, but they are cheap if you analyse what you will get for the small amount that you have to pay on monthly basis.

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4. Music Paradise Pro

There are numerous possibilities that you could engage on this particular app. It includes a search engine that will provide you with sound effects, mp3 songs, ringtones and short clips about anything you specifically want. You can use it without any difficulties, just type the name of song, album or an artist and you will get what is available in library and history. Even though it contains ads, but it is still one of the best apps to download free music for your Android phone.

5. Radio Player by Audials

If you are a fan of music and you don’t have an app that could give you the possibility to download songs that you love, try to use this app and you will be amazed. It contains more than 15 thousand radio stations with live stream possibilities, so you just choose it by style or genre and the world is yours. When the song that you love appears, the only thing that you have to do is click record and later downloads it to your storage.

6. Pep MP3 Downloader

This particular app is considered one of the best apps to download free music for your Android phone. Even though it was removed from Play Store because of copyright regulations, you can still find a link in order to download it. It was made by XDA developers and they made a great app that is very easy to use. You just have to search your song by some criteria, and after you find it click download and you are ready to rock.

7. SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader

This particular app is considered as one of the best and most popular apps to download free music for your Android phone; however, you cannot find it in the app store because it didn’t pass regulations. In order to download songs from this application, you can search song, album or artists and you also stream online everything in order to listen the quality of the song that you want to download. It could be used for older versions of Android.

8. iTube Music

Even though you cannot download this app from Play Store, it is very popular and has great ratings among customers. You can find whatever song you want, it doesn’t matter which genre, you just search it and everything will be over in a matter of minutes. You can also stream music online and there are numerous versions of songs with a huge database. The only downfall is that you must have at least 4.1 Android in order to install it.

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9. Wynk Music

This particular app is considered as one of the best and most popular apps to download free music from your Android phone, and it has user rating that is higher than 4 which makes it highly popular and safe. You can download it for free and the first month you can download everything without any additional fee, and after one month you will be able to buy a membership if you want to continue downloading.

10. Tunee

Even though this application is not the part of PlayStore, you can find it on numerous websites and when you download it you will have one of the best apps to download free music for your Android phone. You can download many different songs in numerous qualities, and also high-quality MP3 which is considered important if you are a music lover and expert listeners.

11. Google Play Music

Is Google Play Music free on Android? This particular application is important because it contains more than 50 thousand songs which you can download for free. You can also subscribe in order to achieve free membership that will give you the possibility to watch and listen to high-quality music with amazing features and database for numerous genres and songs that are the main part of your life.

12. TubeMate Audio & Video Downloader

This particular downloader has the possibility to download music from YouTube and other stream, tube sites. So you can just copy the link from the YouTube song or video that you want to convert and copy it in the bracket. You just have to click download after converting and in a matter of minute, mp3 file will be at your storage.

13. Skull Mp3 Music Downloader Pro

Skull MP3 is considered as one of the most popular apps to download free music for your Android phone. It contains search engine in which you can make your query and find different genres, songs, and artists. You can listen online and stream it through music player, or you can download it with just one click. There is also an amazing feature that you have to consider and that is setting the right ringtone because you can choose the sequence of your favourite music track, download it and use it as a ringtone.

14. Gaana Music 

Gaana is a popular app that gives you the possibility to download free music from your Android phone; however, the only way to listen to songs that you have downloaded is by installing their own music player. They didn’t have the possibility for downloading before, and they were only music streaming application, but now you can download Hindi, Tamil, Punjab and International hits wherever you are.

15. Copyleft MP3 Downloader

This amazing app is great because you can download music directly to your storage without question asked. It has own downloader and because of that, it is considered as one of the best apps to download free music for your Android phone. Through search engine you will be able to look through numerous databases, however, you can also stream whatever you like, if you don’t want to download it directly.

16. Napster

Napster had his own history because in the past it was one of the first websites and portals that offered free music through Worldwide Web. That was followed with many lawsuits and they had to find the way to legalise their downloading server. Today, there are different versions of Napster and the latest one is an app for Android user with more than 20 million mp3 songs available to stream and download in a matter of seconds. There are no ads and you can download everything you want.

17. Music Download Elite

This particular app is great to deal if you are in need for new and old songs of every genre possible. However, there are many downfalls because it crashes frequently and has many ads that will annoy you from time to time. Feel free to download it and try it, maybe it will suit you the best.

18. Free Mp3 Downloads

It is great to find an app that has so many different features. With this app, you can just click and download a song in a matter of minutes. In order to do so, just insert name of the artist, song or album and you will get different links that will lead you to direct download.

19. RockMyRun – Best Workout Music

Music is an indispensable part of every workout, and it is better to choose songs that will motivate you to exercise more efficiently. In those cases, you don’t want to listen to power ballads or classical music. This particular app is great because it contains great mixes from various genres that will help you through your running and it will increase your motivation.

20. Advanced Download Manager

With this application you will have the possibility to download songs, documents, videos, images and many more additional things, so you just have to find it through third-party websites and after you allow installation of different apps on your smartphone, you can install it in a matter of minutes. It is very easy to use and you will feel perfect when you know that you can download whatever you want with only one app.

21. MP3 Music Download

This is one great app that is considered as one of the best apps to download free music for your Android phone and it contains numerous music and features such as ring maker and different downloading services.


There are different possibilities for streaming and download music online for free, you just have to be persistent and try to understand what you want to download. The number of songs is infinite, so it all depends on you. We have provided you with 21 best apps to download free music for your Android phone; however, this list isn’t made in order to determine which one is the best but to show you different possibilities that you have in front of yourself.