Best Netflix Downloader Free Download for Mac and Windows PC

We decided to present you all relevant ways to install and find best Netflix downloader for Mac and Windows 10 PC. The reason because of the popularity of this question is because Netflix is one of the most popular and high-quality movies and tv shows streaming sites where you can find different movies and TV shows in high-resolution. The premium version is cheaper than any other video streaming services and you can also watch original movies and series that are produced by Netflix.

Netflix Downloader

There are many different ways that you can understand the idea of Netflix. There are many different TV shows and movies that you will be able to watch simultaneously on different devices in full-HD quality that will change the perspective that you are having of watching movies online. It is important to notice that it is affordable and legal, so if you have contract with ISP that will limit your viewing possibilities if you enter pirated site, it is always better to choose this particular one

Best Netflix Video Downloader for Mac and Windows

1. iTube Studio – Netflix Downloader

This particular Netflix downloader is specifically made for Mac, but in the recent years, it was developed for Windows also. It is considered as one of the best Netflix offline video savers that you can use in order to download Netflix movies and TV series that you have to find. Anytime you open Netflix in your browser, you can record videos and save them directly on your computer. Apart from Netflix, you will be able to record videos from any other video streaming website, so you just have to install it on Windows or Mac and start recording.

iTube Studio – Netflix Downloader

Features that you will get if you install this Netflix video saver:

  • You will be able to download movies from Netflix and videos from YouTube, Facebook, and more than 10K sites around the web.
  • You can record movies and TV shows from Hulu, CNN, Netflix and other premium streaming websites
  • You can convert videos to WMV, AVI, MOV, M4A, MP4 and other relevant video formats.
  • You can directly share the video to drive in order to download it from your smartphone.

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2. PlayLater

This is another perfect Netflix movie saver and downloader that you can use in order to download streaming movies and shows directly from Netflix and other video services that are available on the web such as YouTube, Vimeo and much more. You can use this Netflix movie downloader, in order to directly save movies on your PC, Apple or Android device. It is perfect when you are traveling somewhere and you don’t have the possibility to watch it online. When you install the install the tool, you just have to find the website and start recording and downloading without any difficulties.



  • It is versatile with simple interface which makes it very easy to use
  • Design is great if you compare it to other software
  • It will record Netflix videos in high quality and very simple, and you will get fast downloading speed
  • There is a feature for parental control


  • You will not be able to record videos in some regions that are not allowed by tool

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3. Movavi Screen Capture Studio

This particular screen capture software will give you the possibility to download online streaming videos from YouTube or Netflix in order to watch them offline without any additional problem. This great Netflix recorder is simple to use and you just have to set recording parameters in order to change preferences and screen quality. When you capture the video, the program contains video editor that is an integral part of software where you can polish videos in order to get better quality.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio


  • It is very simple to use and you can record video and sound on any device
  • It will capture online video and screencasts
  • You will be able to capture keyboard and mouse actions
  • It is compatible with all popular video formats
  • It contains built-in video editor so that you can polish videos after Netflix recording


  • It contains Premium version

4. Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder

This great screen recorded is considered as one of the best Netflix downloader application that contains features that will provide you perfect watching experience without compromising the quality of wide. It contains recording function and task scheduler. You can use it in order to capture movies from Netflix and other video streaming websites such as Vimeo or YouTube. When you finish the recording, the video is saved in MOV format, however, it contains built-in converter that will give you the possibility to change formats into MP4, AVI, MKV and many more popular formats so that you can use it on every device available on the market.

Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder


  • You will be able to use it on both Windows and Mac OS.
  • You can record videos without any difficulties
  • There is scheduled task that is specifically made for recordings
  • It has a possibility to record real time streaming sessions
  • It has built-in editor that you can use in real time during recording


  • It lacks management tools

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5. Allavsoft Video Downloader

If you want to find appropriate and relevant Netflix movie downloader that will be able to download videos from all video streaming services, it doesn’t matter whether they are premium or not, this is the perfect tool for you. It will also give you the possibility to convert videos to any popular video format and it is very easy to use, you just have to click and it will start saving Netflix video.



  • It will not compromise the quality of recording
  • You can do everything in one simple step
  • It has built-in converter so you can convert it to every popular format
  • It comes with built-in  player so that you can watch movie or TV show immediately


  • You will be able to download only five videos for free

How to Download Netflix Videos for Free?

If you want to download Netflix movies for free, you will be able to do it by many different tools and programs that are available on the internet. Netflix is one of the best video streaming services with amazing and huge database and a library of old and latest TV shows and movies, documentaries, and stand-up comedy specials. You will be able to enjoy them without an internet connection.

However, until recently, Netflix didn’t give you the possibility to download videos directly on your drive so that you can watch offline when you are not around any internet connection. However, in the recent years, you will be able to download Netflix content; however, there are few limitations. First, you have to understand that not all movies and TV shows are available for download and second, you can download it only if you are a premium member and have an official app.

In order to download Netflix movies you must have:

  • Mobile device that contains Android 4.4.2 or higher and iOS 8.0
  • You must have the latest version of Netflix application
  • You must be a Premium member with possibility to watch HD movies
  • You must have storage space

Even though there are many requirements, if you don’t want to do it through the official application, there are ways to do it through your computer without messing around and hassling from your cell phone device.

We are going to present you how to download Netflix content in order to watch it offline through Movavi Screen Capture that we have mentioned above. Every other tool works in a similar way and that is the main reason why we chose this particular tool. You will be able to save Netflix videos on your laptop or desktop computer without losing any quality.

You just have to download the MAC or PC version of the program and follow steps that we are going to provide you on how to watch offline Netflix videos:

  • First, you have to do is to install Movavi Screen Capture, and when you download the file just follow installation guide and you will be able to record Netflix movies in a matter of seconds
  • Before we start recording you have to adjust capture settings. When you locate the Netflix video that you want to download, just launch video recorder and you will see Record screen on the main window. Just position the capture frame manually and when you choose the size and resolution, the recording could start. If you cannot watch downloading and recording process, you just have to set the timer by entering Schedule Record and enter duration that you want to record and press ok. It will stop recording as soon as the timer passes.
  • In order to start downloading just press, REC button and program will start ripping Netflix movies within 3 seconds, and there are options such as Pause, Stop and Cancel so that you could manage the entire capturing process. When everything is complete, you will get MKV format video that will be saved in designated format.  However, there is a possibility to convert the video and you will see how in the next step.
  • Convert the recording video in the format that you need. When the window is previewing, you just have to click Save As and choose the format that you want. If you want to open More Presets option, you will be able to enter into audio and video tab and just select the format that you want and you will be able to watch Netflix videos offline in a matter of seconds.


Can I Download Movies from Netflix?

As per above tutorial on Netflix movies, Yes, You can download Netflix movies to computer via Netflix downloader we have shared above.


We have presented you different tools that you can use in order to obtain best Netflix video downloader for both Mac and Windows, and in the second part, we have shown your thorough steps that you have to know before you decide to download movies from Netflix.

If you have your own suggestions, feel free to comment in the section below.