8 Best Car & Bike Racing Games for Android – Kids can Play

Today on 24hrtech, We are going to share best racing games for android in 2017. These games also include some best car racing games for kids. Anyone who is fond of speed and adventure gaming will love these car and bike racing games. Although there are various online racing games available we have filtered the list of Racing games for Android mobile.

In this article, we will be talking about best free Android racing games that are available in the play store and you can download them easily to enjoy your free time. So, without wasting too much time, have a look at all the best free racing games for Android which also include some 3d Car games. Let us know which one you find useful. These games mostly include car games for boys and motorcycle racing games which are free to download. If you don’t want to use your mobile data while playing games, then our list of games to play without wifi.

Best Car & Bike Racing Games for Android – Car Games for Kids

1. Asphalt 8 Airborne


This is one of the extreme and popular car racing game for the Android phone to play. Hence, this game has multiplayer options and is not subjected to the Xbox and others to have settings forever. Also, this game has performed well and has the dynamic resources for playing the game. With the instance driving experience, you can enhance the high-speed aerial stunts for driving with ease. However, it is powered by a brand new physics engine.

Download Asphalt 8 Airborne Game

2. GT Racing 2


GT is one of the popular games in which it is available across any multiple platforms and is supported for all Android phones. It offers a wide variety of options for the gamers who have played the game so far. Also, it has 67 licensed cars on the tracks and comes with a superb collection. So, you can make use of the test drive for testing the performance of the car and lead to play the game.

Download GT Racing 2

3. Hill Climb Racing


It is one of the most entertaining and most joyful racing games for Android phone. In fact, it has a unique hill climbing and drive under several circumstances to win the race and earn points as per the completion of the race. So, you can gain bonus points by climbing at any harsh levels.

Download Hill Climb Racing

4. City Racing 3D


This is the graphic 3d racing game which is highly supported by Android Phone. It also has essential features b driving on different tracks and city with dynamic cars. You can choose the car before starting the race. Hence, it can play with different modes and allow you to drive with boost options.

Download City Racing 3D

5. AE 3D Moto- The Lost city


AE Moto is a bike racing game for Android phone which comes with the great performance by having realistic features in it. However, you can various boosts for driving in the city and make you have raced for collecting the coins and puzzles with ease.

Download AE 3D Motor

6. NFS Hot Pursuit


NFS is the only best car game which is available for the Android and PC phones with ease. This is completely a racing game which has night and live racing games forever. It also comes with extraordinary features for the Android phones to drive with ease.

Download NFS

7. Perfect Shift


It is a fantastic looking drag game which is come with excellent racing events forever. In fact, you can have some points to get and make certain bonus points to complete the car racing. Also, there are different types of cars are available and you can choose them.

Download Perfect Shit

8. Real Speed Car


This is one of the best car racing game which comes under Asphalt racing events. Hence, it comes with extraordinary graphic options and loves to play with advanced features for it. It has fastest cars on the track and you are able to select the right choice of cars.

Download Real Speed Car

Finally, we have featured all the best free Android racing games that you can download and play on your devices. These best car racing games for kids are so addictive that you can forget your work too. So, I suggest you play wisely.