12 Best Sites to Watch Anime Online Free English Dubbed

There are so many Sites to Watch Anime Online with Free English Dubbed & Subtitles that adore Anime TV series and movies. The exact question is there sites that could give you the possibility to watch them by online streaming? The answer is, YES! Anime started as a Japanese sketch cartoons, and today it is one of the most popular cartoons all over the world. Fans are very dedicated and involved in this kind of genre. We can just state few names such as Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach and many more TV series that captured attention to worldwide audience, because of their familiar design in combination with the amazing and well-written story.

Watch Anime Online

If you are an Anime fan, you will not accept the fact that the only source of your favorite genre could be seen only on TV. We present you best places to see anime cartoon online:

Best Sites to Watch Anime Online Free English Dubbed

1. AnimeUltima.io


AnimeUltima is one of the most popular and it is most used by anime fans from all over the world. It is regularly updated and it contains dubbed and original episodes with subtitles. It contains also many forums where fans from all over the world can discuss their favorite series and episodes and recommend more and more anime series for all users.

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2. AnimeHeaven.eu


If you want to watch English dubbed anime, without any ads and additional features, you have to visit this particular website, because it will offer you amazing database of latest episodes and movies. You can also download or watch it online, but your journey will be something different.

3. GoGoANIME.io


GoGoAnime is great anime site that allows you the possibility to watch your favorite series without charge and strings attached. It contains many different contents in almost every anime genre that is popular. It doesn’t matter if its online manga comic books, or complete movies, you will be able to stream it for free. If you don’t like to watch with subtitles, you can choose English dubbed versions, however, that is specially made for certain TV shows and not for all. You will be able to search through the alphabetical list in order to find your favorite flick. 

4. 9Anime.to


This particular anime site contains all your favorite series in both Japanese and English dubbed versions. You can find the latest series that are most popular and you can also request for anime that is not there, which makes it great for dedicated fans. If you are native English speaker, you will find that English dubbed series would work better for you, however, there are not so many dubbed cartoons, so you can choose those that have subtitles instead if you don’t want to wait for dubbing.

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5. motto.daisuki.net

This unique anime streaming website is great because it will offer you amazing anime content. It has in its huge database most famous anime and also those that are rare to find and unknown to many anime lovers. You will be able to watch the latest episodes and to stream them online without signing up and registering.  However, if you choose to register you will be able to save episodes that you want to watch later.

6. Kissanime.to


If you are looking for a simple site that contains high-quality and high-resolution movies and series, you will be able to find them all on this site where you can watch your favorite anime movies and TV shows. It is a very interactive website with many sections and lists that could give you the possibility to enjoy and search categories easier. It also contains forum with many discussions about numerous anime series and their episodes.

7. Hulu

This is a legal website that provides you the possibility to watch anime online. It contains many series, seasons and episodes and it could serve its purpose with design and huge database. However, you have to pay in order to get premium content, but you will be amazed what you are going to get if you do so. There are also numerous features and movies, dramas from all over the world and you will be able to watch them without strings attached.

8. AnimeSeason.com

These particular best sites to watch anime online will deliver you full experience whiles you browsing for your favorite anime series. It doesn’t matter if its latest, the old one or popular or underground, you will find whatever you want. There are numerous reviews and it contains well-built website that will provide you with all important knowledge about the history of anime if you are a new fan.

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9. Crunchyroll.com

When you enter this site you will be amazed at a number of free content, you can just sit and enjoy for hours. It is regularly updated so the most recent episodes will be online as soon as they air on TV. It is made by latest design and interactive slideshow with titles and recent uploads. There are various classifications such as on genre and by the author. You can search these listings in order to find what you need the most. Crunchyroll is a legal website that will offer you free service for 15 days and after that, you will be charged for a minimal fee if you have in mind that you will be able to with high-resolution movies without any problem.

10. Funimation.com

This particular anime streaming website was established by people from Flower Mound, Texas and they are one of the leading distributors of anime series both online and not. They became popular and prominent after they released adventure series dubbed on English called Dragon Ball Z and that successfully aired on Cartoon Network and soon afterward it was available to watch online.

11. AnimeFreak.Tv

Anime Freak is a great website that will provide you with a huge database of anime movies. You just cannot ignore it. With latest episodes of popular anime shows and exclusive HD offers that you can stream from this site and what is most important you will be able to stream it absolutely for free.

12. chia-anime.tv

This particular site is popular all over the world and it contains thousands of episodes that you can watch online. It is made with a simple design so that you will be able to find in a matter of seconds your favorite show to watch without strings attached.


It doesn’t matter if you have a mobile device, laptop or PC, you just have to visit best sites to watch anime and you will enjoy every single second of them.