Built-in Speed Dial Feature for Windows Phone 8.1

After being updated to windows phone 8.1, Microsoft has also added a small but important feature “Speed Dial” to windows phone dialing panel. May be you want to dial your Mom, Dad, best friend or even your boss, it takes only few seconds to add Speed Dial all these contacts. Do you want to know “How to add contacts in speed dial in windows phone 8.1”. Here’s Guide to add speed dial in windows phone.

Windows Phone 8.1 introduced a new panel in the built-in Phone application. It’s the Speed dial panel and allows you to place instantly call a contact. Add your family, best friends and boss to your speed dial list for instant contact.

Here’s How to add speed dial in windows phone 8.1.

  • Launch your phone application in your phone from where you make calls..
  • Swipe over to right to speed dial.
  • Click on add button shown as(+) sign.
  • Select a contact (if multiple phone numbers exist, select the number you want as the option for speed dial).
  • You’ve just added a person as a speed dial contact. They’ll now show up in your speed dial. Tapping their name will instantly dial and call their telephone number. It’s the fastest, easiest way to quickly call your friends and family.

    Some more features speed dial have in windows phone .

    You can remove any speed dial contact by long tapping on number and click remove.

    You can also shift number up and dow in speed dial list.

    So enjoy the speed dial feature and let us know whom you have added first.