How to run Dual BBM Accounts on a single Android device?

There are many questions that we have seen of: “How to run dual BBM accounts on a single Android device”, and we decided to provide you with thorough steps through this article. We have tried to do it by ourselves, and everything works perfectly and that is the reason we are going to present your unique way to obtain bbm2 on Android device that contains two SIM cards.

What is BBM?

BBM, or widely recognized as BlackBerry Messenger, is one of the first instant messengers and video calls application that gives you the possibility to make voice and messaging calls between Android, Windows, is and BlackBerry users. It was developed by Emtek with a license from BlackBerry Limited and it was released in 2005.

This particular system is great because you will be able to contact anyone that contains the same application and you just need to sign in and everything will in a matter of seconds. It is great if you want to create discussion groups or exchange messages with a single person. This particular application will give you the possibility to chat with multiple devices in one session. It is not only for text messages, but you will be able also to send audio recordings, any file up to 16 MB such as pictures and videos; you can also share locations, emotions, and stickers.

At first, it was only available for BlackBerry devices, however, in 2013 BBM released its version for Android and iOS systems and since then there were hundreds of million stickers and voice calls were made. In 2015 there were more than 190 million users and their infrastructure handled 30 petabytes of data traffic on monthly basis.

It was the most popular messenger until it started to lose out because there were many competitors such as Viber and WhatsApp.

If you trust the security of BBM, you won’t have second thoughts about downloading it because encrypts all data and it messenger with the highest security available. However, we are here to tell you how to run BBM dual on a single device. You must pass certain protocols and terms, in order to do so, but we will present you thorough steps that will help you achieve it in a matter of minutes.

BBM Tips for Android Users

In order to understand how BBM2 functions we decided to provide you with few tips that will help you start your messenger.

  • PIN – When you are a new member, you have to put your mobile number in order to get recognized. You will be assigned a unique PIN that is completely different than your mobile phone and only with it; you can be recognized by other users. That is great because you will prevent others to spam your mobile phone number.
  • Status – There is a feature of status that could include emoticons and you will be able to change it whenever you want. The idea is to make other users understand what you are doing right now, so it is a good social moment.
  • Adding Contacts – You will be able to add any different contact, but only if you know the PIN of another user, which means that you have secured a license and your friends are secured and your only contact could be someone that you know and that agreed to give you his PIN.
  • Notifications – If you decide to download BBM2 dual accounts, you will be able to manage your notifications through settings and every time something happens you will be informed by text tone that you choose. It is always better to make it different than your casual sound for texting because that way you will know when you are needed on messenger.
  • Create or join groups – You will be able to easily make groups and add up to 250 members, and you can also join other groups, however, you must have the access code or you must scan a group barcode.
  • BBM connection icon – This particular icon will show in the notification bar and smartphone doesn’t need any memory in order to function. You will be able to turn it off, which means that you will not be able to see notifications until you turn it on again.

How to Run Dual BBM Accounts on a single Android device?

If you have in mind that newly developed apps it’s difficult to crack, however, after a while they become vulnerable, so the only thing that you have to do is wait. We are going to provide you with steps that you have to follow in order to make your messenger available for dual SIM cards:

  1. First, you have to be certain that you have Android smartphone version of 4.1 or later because you won’t be able to download it and install it if you don’t.
  2. Download and install official BBM app from your smartphone. Dual BBM app will work hand in hand with the official one and that is the reason you should do so.
  3. Now you have to download the dual BBM for Android from Google Play Store. You just have to type “dual BBM” and you will be able to find it in a matter of seconds.
  4. After installing both apps, open the first one and enter the first SIM. When you are finished, open dual BBM in order to sign in with secondary SIM.
  5. When you set up, you will be able to run both accounts on your Android phone. You will get different notifications and you will be able to switch between these two accounts. It is better to make different notification sounds for both of them because that way you will be able to determine which one is active.

Download Dual BBM Apk:

Dual BBM is an application that will help you to use more than 1 BBM in your android phone.



  • Installation Help
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Grab yours, Dual BBM.


We have presented you a way to run dual BBM accounts on the single Android device, and you have to understand that it is important to follow these steps in order to achieve your goal.

If you have more questions or your own thoughts that you wish to share with us, feel free to comment in the section below.