Top 4 File Manager App for Windows Phone

Although as per in news, Microsoft is adding file manager feature in windows phone 8.1 in its new update in june, 14. But still we have found best file manager app for windows phone which will definitely help you to manage your files, music, videos and documents. 

Although windows phone have so many file managers but we we have found best rated and best reviews file manager app for windows phone devices. Some of these apps include like Aerize explorer, File explorer, Filebox and more.

In June, Microsoft is going to launch official windows phone 8.1 update, which will include feature like file manager named “Files”.

file manager for windows phone

The admin skipped to mention other details regarding the functionality of this app. According to the Reddit AMA session, Joe Belfiore previously revealed a number of screenshots of the file manager app that will allow users to access and interact with all files and directories on the device.


So here are Top 4 File Manager for Windows Phone:

1. Aerize Explorer:

For me Aerize Explorer is most advanced and user friendly file manager for windows phone. This works only with windows phone 8.1. It can quickly and easily manage all of your files, folders, and storage cards with ease.

Best Features in Aerize Explorer:

1. You can move files and folders between your device and SD Card.

2. Add a new folder, rename, cut, copy and paste files.

3. View file and folder properties.

4. View Selection mode, multiple views, thumbnail view.

5. Pin files and folder to Start Screen.

Aerize Explorer   Windows Phone App


Download Aerize Explorer for Windows Phone 8.1

2. File Explorer:

This is another app which is top in our list. This app is most reviewed file manager app in windows phone store.

Features of File Explorer:

1. View commonly used files with File Explorer, such as office documents, PDF documents, eBook, videos, photos and zip files.

It contains built-in video player, music player, and picture browser which can give you a perfect read experience, and our team released another app Good Read to help you read ebook.

2. WIFI file transfer, which can synchronize PC files to phone isolated storage. It is very useful, if you have no SD card inserted.

3. Skydrive integration, it allows managing Skydrive cloud files. What’s more it can help you to upload SD card/Isolated files to Skydrive, which is better than official release that only allows upload pictures in library.

4. Connect SD card, phone, computer and cloud. Currently, Good Explorer is the only existed app allows transferring files within them.

5. File encryption, which can protect your files from invalid access.

File Explorer   Windows Phone App

Download File Explorer App for Windows Phone

3. File Explorer Plus:

This app is not so Good to have a best file manager. But still you can fulfill your purpose of having a file manager for windows phone 8 phones. This app also works in windows phone 8.1. This app is not so cool in case of good design and user interface.

It will

– Manage Local Storage of application

– Access your song and delete if you want

– Access your picture

– Access your SD card with a lot of file type like .pdf, .avi, .mkv, .rm, .flv (you must have application to open it)

File Explorer Plus   Windows Phone App

Download File Explorer Plus App for Windows Phone

4. FileBox:

This is an unofficial Dropbox client for Windows Phone.


1. View, move, copy, delete files in user’s Dropbox.
2. Upload images form your phone to Dropbox.

3. Open & Download images in user’s Dropbox.
4. Download documents in user’s Dropbox.

5. View account information and get referral link.
6. Upload images by sharing from picture hub.

7. Get share link of a file.
8. View file information.

9. Pin favorite file to Start Screen.
10.Search files in Dropbox.
11.Security Passcode.

FileBox   Windows Phone App

Download FileBox App for Windows Phone

If you know other file manager apps and used it, you can share with us in comments and we will add to our list.