Fitbit not Syncing with iPhone, Android – How to Fix

Fitbit not Syncing with iPhone, Android: With the increasing popularity of fitness and activity trackers in India, Fitbit entered the market with its range of fitness wearables. Fitbit’s idea is to help transform people lives with the help of sensors and wireless technology.

The Fitbit devices focus more on performance and functionality rather than looks. They are great devices for monitoring the daily activities and lot of these monitoring is done by syncing over Bluetooth with the Fitbit app available on android and ios devices.

Firstly I would like to tell you what is syncing. It is a technical term used to describe the data transfer from your Fitbit tracker to Fitbit application. It is done through the Bluetooth. Fitbit Syncing is not only one way it’s a two-way procedure wherein the data is transferred back to the Fitbit Tracker like newly set alarms and challenges etc.

Usually, the syncing process is smooth and the device gets synced very easily but like any other electronic device the Fitbit devices too have some cons. Sometimes it gets very frustrating when your device refuses to sync with the mobile application. If your Fitbit is having a failure to sync there are a few Fitbit troubleshooting techniques you can try to get it up and rolling.

Fitbit not Syncing with iPhone, Android – How to Fix


Fitbit not Syncing with iPhone, Android
  • Battery – Check properly if the Trackers battery is charged. If you are not sure try charging the tracker and then try syncing because If the tracker is dead it won’t be able to sync with the phone.
  • Bluetooth  Most often the usual suspect is the Bluetooth. Firstly close the application and then try turning off Bluetooth then on again. Now open the application, this will stop the Bluetooth connection which will force the device to reconnect and could help the problem.
  • Check for updates – Check for any updates available either for the application or the device. Keep the device and the application up to date. Keeping the application and device updated is helpful because sometimes the developers debug software issues that may cause any issues in the function of the tracker or the application.
  • Re-installing the application  Uninstall the application and its files completely from the device and try re-installing the application. This can be effective if you have recently updated the Fitbit application and that may have triggered any problems.
  • Turning the phone Off and On again – Sometimes the phone due to a number of active applications which counteract one another is unable to process properly. This issue can be  easily solved by restarting the phone which closes all the unnecessary processes and applications. This old trick can sometimes fix mysterious problems.
  • Try Resetting your tracker – This is the last resort one must try if all the above troubleshooting methods have not led to a success. Resetting can certainly help you to establish any connection issues. Resetting is different for every model and can take several minutes to complete. I would keep this option for the last as it results from loss of data.

I hope this article would be helpful to you.