Google Duo vs Facetime which is better?

Google Duo and FaceTime are videos calling apps. As the name suggests, Google Duo has been developed by Google and FaceTime is Apple. Both have their own features. Google Duo is available for Android Platform as well as iOS whereas you can run FaceTime only on iOS and mac devices i.e. on you iPhone or iPad. Now let’s first talk about both apps separately. If Facetime for Android is also available then we need see the real competition between both the apps. 

Google Duo vs Facetime which is better?

Google Duo for Android & iOS:

Google Duo vs Facetime

It seems like other video calling apps but it is not so. It has some incredible features that make it better from others. Video call on this app is like, you didn’t install any video-calling app rather your phone has it pre-installed. This app runs smoothly and it doesn’t lag when you open it.

This app doesn’t have complexities. You don’t have to make an account to use it. Just verify your number and you are ready to go. You can video-call any person in your contact list, having Google Duo installed.

This app comes for both Android and iOS, so in one way it bridges the gap between Android and iOS. It’s different than Google Hangouts.

Duo is supposedly way more specialized while Hangouts supports messaging and group chats. Duo reaches people through their phone numbers while Hangouts does so via their Gmail id. The best part is your data can’t be viewed by third parties or even Google itself.

Some features of Google Duo are:

Google Duo is the best video-calling app till now. It has some amazing features which make it perfect. Some features are given here:

  • This app works smoothly if you have a good Wi-Fi or data connection. Video-Quality on good networks is 720p. If your internet connection is slow, then video quality degrades but audio come clear. It can work on the weak network while other video-calling apps can’t.
  • Google Duo has an end to end subscription. What does it mean? It means that your conversations are protected from spying eyes. Some third party apps and even Google can’t view your data.
  • There is one feature in Google Duo called ‘Knock Knock’. It gives you a preview of who is calling by firing up the camera on the other end of the line. So if you are making the call, then the other person can see what you are doing in real time. Android users can see it even on the lock screen while Apple users can see it when they are in the app. You can also disable this feature by moving into settings.
  • This app will automatically switch between Wi-Fi and Mobile data, so it saves your data too.

Apple Facetime for iOS:

Google Duo vs Facetime

When it came, it defeated other video calling apps when it came to getting reliable video chats on phones with greater images. You can run it on both Wi-Fi connection and data plan. It automatically registers your phone number as soon as you launch it. Just sign in to register your user information.

You can make a call to anyone by using his/her mobile number or e-mail address. You can also switch to a video call during an ordinary video call. The user interface is very simple and easy to use.

The quality of video-calling depends on your Wi-Fi connection or Data connection. The more the connection is good; the better will be the quality.

The difference between Google Duo and FaceTime:

  • The Knock-Knock feature is available for Google Duo only. You can’t enjoy it on FaceTime.
  • You can’t switch to phone calls while using Google Duo. You can do so via FaceTime.
  • ‘Audio only calls’ feature is available on FaceTime only.
  • Google Duo is more compatible. It is available for both Android and iOS whereas FaceTime is available for iOS and mac.
  • You can make Video call on Google Duo via Phone number only. On FaceTime, You can use phone number/ email address.


  • Both are easy to use.
  • Both have an end to end encryption.
  • The user interface of both apps is simple.


Both apps are awesome for Video-calling on their respective platforms. This is the main difference too and it is of compatibility. Duo works on Apple products where Facetime doesn’t work on Android Products. Apart from them, they are simple and easy to use. Both apps use same methods to communicate through video. Both are good, you can make your choice now.