GroupMe for Windows Phone Updated with redesign

GroupMe for windows phone, the popular chat service that allows you to have chat groups via data connection (or SMS as a backup). We’re big fans of the service, especially since Microsoft technically owns them(well, Skype does at least). It is updated with version 3.5 with new look and features.

groupme for windows phone

Version 3.5 has just gone live in the Marketplace and it has not only bug fixes, but also significant improvements in app performance—words we always like to hear around these parts. In addition, an assortment of new features have been added to make the service even more useful, including:

  • A cleaner, better chat interface
  • Likes!
  • A news feed
  • Tappable URLs
  • Pinch & zoom on pics
  • Hide individual messages
  • Mark all messages as read

We just loaded up the new GroupMe and the app does feel a little zippier but nothing too dramatic. The like-option is interesting though we’re not sure we’ll exactly use it but the rest of those features are certainly welcome.

GroupMe version 3.5

GroupMe is a cross-platform chat service that’s available on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, any phone with SMS or via the web. We often use it around these parts when we have to be mobile and with the recent site-redesign they’ve implemented, we really like where GroupMe is headed. So if you haven’t tried it yet, now may be a good time. Having said that, messages still had a bit of a delay to them on delivery–hiccup or is that the norm? We’re not sure, so let us know in comments.

Download Group for Windows Phone Here

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
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