Guide to WhatsApp Settings for Windows Phone

WhatsApp is updated to new version with Bug fixes and latest features for windows phone. Whatsapp updated its settings to completely new interface. Whatsapp is facing issues with its previous version and later they removed it from windows phone store. After that Microsoft started talking with Whatsapp executives to re-launch on windows phone store with quality. Read How to Guide to Whatsapp settings for windows phone. 

WhatsApp Settings for Windows Phone

As Whatsapp has added new features and settings for windows phone users as in Android phone like Hide last seen, change chat background and many more features. We will guide you on How to updated your whatsapp settings for windows phone.

1. How to Hide Last Seen:

First time Whatsapp has introduced Hide Last seen feature in whatsapp for windows phone. Although this feature is available from so long on Android and iOS. To Hide last seen on windows phone, Go to Settings > AccountPrivacy > Set your Last Seen to Everyone, Nobody or My Contacts. 

You can also change your Profile Photo privacy and Status to everyone, my contacts and Nobody.

WhatsApp Settings for Windows Phone hide last seen

2. Block Contacts on Whatsapp:

You can also add contact which you want to Block on your Whatsapp account. Also you can ask your friend to join whatsapp via Email, social or SMS.

To Block contacts Go to Settings Contacts > Block Contact > Choose Contact  you want to block from your list.

WhatsApp Settings for Windows Phone block contacts


3. How to Change Chat Background in Whatsapp 

After whatsapp update you can now add custom chat background to your whatsapp chat . Just Follow simple steps as shown in below image .

WhatsApp Settings for Windows Phone chat background change


4. Change Notifications Tones, Screen Rotation:

Now you can also change notifications tones separately for messages and group notification. You can also change screen rotation and lock it if you don’t want it to automatically changed.

WhatsApp Settings for Windows Phone notifications tones


Download Whatsapp for windows phone 

  • Souvik Gupta

    My lumia 730 is connected to WIFI network but no internet access. The IP & DNS settings of the phone is as per the other PCs with internet in the same network.

    • Rick

      Go to wi-fi settings, > manage > tap and hold, delete the wi-fi and back to wi-fi settings and add again the newtork u want to connect.

  • Jamal Akeem

    I cant see other contacts last seen on my Nokia Lumia 640 even though my last is turned on. Any way around this?