How Much Data Does Pandora Use? Listen to Pandora Offline

Most of the people were wondering and asking on different forums and discussion how much data does Pandora use, and we decided to give you a full answer on that question.

Through this article, we will present you all information that you need to know about how much data does streaming music use in order to understand how much of your monthly usage you can use for Pandora app.

What is Pandora Music Streaming App?

does pandora use data

Pandora Internet Radio is one of the most popular music streaming websites that contains a great and huge database of radio stations of numerous genres and styles, from all over the world. It was developed and powered by Music Genome Project that is operated by Pandora Media, Inc. However, it is only available in the United States, New Zealand and Australia.

There are numerous features that you can use in order to enjoy your favorite music. At first, you will be able to browse your favorite radio stations by artists, song selection or genre and as a user, you will be able to give negative and positive feedback for songs that you are listening. You can access it through the browser, or you can install the app directly on your phone from App Store.

Pandora is customer related music service, where you can find whatever music you like and discover any new artists and more. In the recent years Pandora made revenues by ads, however, today they made a financial determination that is based on CPM (Cost per Thousand Clicks).

In the beginning of 2011 they had $100 million and after they officially went to New York Stock Exchange their stocks rose to $16 per share, and today their estimated value is $2.6 billion.

How much Data Does Pandora use?

It is important to understand that Pandora works entirely through streaming, and it doesn’t matter if you use cellular data or Wi-Fi connection, you will have to use the similar downloading process.

However, Pandora doesn’t give you the possibility to download songs completely, which means that you will not be able to use it offline and without an internet connection. There are three editions available and all of them use different data.

  1. Free Edition – If you decide to stream music from Pandora for free you will have to understand how much data you will spend. At a bit rate of 128 KPBS which means approximately 57.6 MB per hour. Even though this could reach to big usage if you calculate monthly data usage, it is still the best option if you have any kind of limitation and you still want to use this particular app.
  2. Cellular Edition – This particular edition is specially made for mobile devices that are always limited with the amount of cellular data that you can use. Which means that you will be able to connect, in order to choose two different possibilities such as 64 KBPS and 128 KBPS?  The default possibility is 64 KBPS, however; you can change whenever you want. Approximately, you will use 28.8 MB per hour if you choose 64 KBPS, and is a great opportunity for you to save some data.
  3. Premium Edition – If you decide to purchase premium edition you will get an ad-free environment with possibility to listen to higher rates such as 192 Kbps which will make you spend 1.78 GB in one hour, which is the edition with the highest quality and highest spending data.

Control Pandora Data Usage

You must understand that if you want to control Pandora data usage, it is always better to pause application if you are not listening anything, then muting the volume. Turn it off completely in the background, because it will always try to eat you more data even if you are not using it for listening frequently. If you still want to listen to offline music you check our article on music apps that dont use data. 

Pandora Leads Streaming Services

Pandora Leads Streaming Services

Listen to Pandora without Using Data:

  1. Go to your Station List or the Pandora Home Screen.
  2. Tap the Menu icon > Offline Mode.
  3. Here you can toggle the Offline Listening feature ON (green).


Even though, there are many applications that will give you possibility to stream music online, this is one of the greatest, however, before you choose to install it, check How much data is used to stream Pandora radio, because then you will have clearer idea what you want to achieve and get and how to control everything that you have been given.