How to Add Custom Ringtones to Lumia Windows Phone

Add custom ringtones to windows phone 8 lumia devices in 3 ways. Everyone want to personalize their phone with customize music ringtones. Some mobile phones come with their default ringtones installed by company itself. Every smartphone user want to customize their ringtones. Here we will show you How to Add Customize Ringtones to your Lumia phones.

There are lots of ways by adding customize ringtones to your Lumia phones. You want to add your favourite song as your ringtone but don’t know how to add ringtones. Then here is the solution of making customize ringtones for your nokia lumia phone using various softwares provided by Nokia itself.

1. Firstly

You can directly set your favourite songs as your ringtones just by transferring the song from your computer to your phone ringtone folder.

Every new ringtone you make in windows phone will be saved in Folder named Ringtones. Also you have to add new custom ringtones to this folder. Let’s see how this is done:

1. Connect your Windows Phone to your computer. If this is the first time you connect it, it will take a few seconds for Windows to install the appropriate drivers.

2. Then, open File Explorer (if you are using Windows 8) or Windows Explorer (if you are using Windows 7).

3. In File Explorer (or Windows Explorer), click on Computer.

4. In the Portable devices section, look for your Windows Phone.


Open Windows Phone. You will see a phone memory and SD card option if you have added SD Card. Models which allow you to insert an SD card will display two partitions: Phone and SD card. The Phone partition is your smartphone’s internal flash memory.

copy ringtones to windows phone

Open Phone folder and find Ringtones folder.

copy ringtones to windows phone1

This is the where Windows Phone stores your custom ringtones. Copy your custom ringtones to this folder. The default ringtones included with Windows Phone are not displayed here or anywhere else. Therefore you can not delete them to save space, in case you wanted to.

2. Secondly

you can use Ringtone Maker App from Nokia corporation to create your customize ringtones.

To be sure that your custom ringtones will work on Windows Phone you should create them with special programs like Ringtone Maker. This free application will create ringtones that meet the specific requirements of Windows Phone regarding file size and length. You cannot use as ringtones files that are protected with digital rights management (DRM) or files that are larger than 30MB. The only formats accepted for ringtones are .mp3 and .wma.

                1. Download Ringtone Maker:

Ringtone Maker is an app created by Nokia which can set any music file from your phone as long as it is DRM-free i.e. you have the rights to use that song.

For WP7 devices, ringtone maker can only make ringtones out of MP3 files.
For WP8 devices, ringtone maker supports MP3, WMA, M4A, M4R, and AAC

              2. Select your favorite song

After installing the app, open it and tap on pick a song to get started. Then browse through the music library that shows up and select your favorite song that you want to use as your phone’s ringtone.

ringtone make library

               3. Choose Start and End points

Now you need to define the start and end points of the chosen MP3 track. You can select the duration of the ringtone and from what second of the song should ringtone start playing. Usually its good to skip the initial music and skip directly to where the voice begins.

Choose Start and End points

                4. Save and Set as Ringtone:

That’s all that you need to do. Just save the ringtone with the name that you want. It will then be available in settings> ringtones + sounds> ringtone under the custom category at the top of the list. The same ringtone can also be used as the text messages, email or calendar.

3. Thirdly

Download the UC Browser app and download the songs from various website as ringtones. After downloading the songs, Go to download folder in UC Browser app, and set the song as set as ringtone.

How to set a song as your ringtone on Windows Phone 8

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