How to add IMAP/POP Email Accounts in Windows Phone

Nokia Lumia Windows phones are proving to be best business smartphones while accessing emails. Now you will know How to add IMAP/POP email accounts in Windows Phone. To add personal email accounts you need some server information of your email address. Once you add all the required information, you are ready to go.

How to add Imap/pop email accounts

To add Personal Email Account through IMAP & POP in Lumia Phones you need to follow some simple steps as shared below.

1. From the app list go to  “Settings”, click on email accounts option.


2. After click on “email+accounts“, go to “Add an account” in email+accounts option.


3. In “email+accounts”, go to “other account IMAP and POP”, .


4. In “Other Account”, add your email address and password and click “Sign-in”.

5. After signing-in, click on “advanced”, button as shown in below image.

6. In Next step click on “Internet email”. 


7. In Internet email option fill up all the details required like, Account name, Your name on email account, Incoming email server, Account type either IMAP or POP, Username as email address, Outgoing email server. In below advanced settings, check on “Require SSL for incoming and outgoing email”.



IMAP and POP3 are two important aspects to configure a mail address which is not from common servers, like the Google or the Yahoo or MSN. The office mails and the email accounts with some other domains which are mostly private, require configuring the settings by their own.

This configuration needs to be structured with the SSL certificate and the gateway addresses. While these details are available, then the steps to set up the IMAP and POP3 can be configured quite easily. The configuration can be known from the mother server of the email client.
With that details, where the SSL certificate, Ports and also the incoming and outgoing server address is declared, then the entire set up can be done by following the above steps. This is an advanced set up process of the email and very few email clients gives the complete support for them.

The lumia phone from Nokia is a perfect smart phone, where the advanced settings are included in the set. And also there is no requirement to hire or download some other applications from the market to get the full support.

Most importantly, there is a complete guide available in the set itself, regarding the process of setting up the email and making the notification and other settings also.

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  • Jack

    Can you advise where/how to setup the email pop3 port number?

    • Rick

      hey jack, which mail u want to set up