How to downgrade Nokia Lumia from Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers to Windows Phone 8

After Microsoft said the people who are running Windows Phone 8.1 will have to roll back to Windows Phone 8 to get the Lumia Cyan Update for THOSE whom it has been released.

downgrade Windows-phone-8.1 to 8

Caution before Reverting Back to Windows Phone 8:

Make sure your phone has enough charge, and you dont lose power supply to your computer. Make sure you don’t unplug your device halfway through the flashing process.

Also do following things before starting:

  • Backup your data as best you can.
  • Download and install the Nokia Software Updater from Nokia here.
  • Connect your phone with the screen unlocked and NSU running.
  • The app will say there is an update available.
  • Follow the prompts to install the new firmware.

What is Nokia Software Recovery Tool and How it can help you:

Nokia Software Recovery Tool can help you to reset and recover your phone software at home, if your phone is experiencing software related or software update problems. With Windows Phone 8  models, you can also use Nokia Software Recovery Tool  to recover your phone in case your phone is not responding, it appears to be stuck, or it is not starting.

Prerequisites for your computer (PC):

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or newer.
  • USB cable to connect your phone to the computer.
  • Minimum 4 GB free storage space.

Supported Nokia phones:

  • Lumia phones 
  • Asha and Series 40 phones that have USB interface
  • Series 30+ phones that have USB interface
  • Nokia X2 platform phones
  • Symbian phones

Now How to Downgrade windows phone 8.1 to windows phone 8:

1. Install necessary software to restore the Nokia Lumia device to Windows Phone 8.

Download links

Nokia Recovery Software Tool (US)

Nokia Recovery Software Tool (UK)

2. Install software on Windows 7 or Windows 8.

3. Connect Nokia Lumia phone to USB with Computer.

4. Select which software version is compatible for the Lumia smartphone then Click install.

5. You will have to acknowledge that the data and content on the phone will be erased. Make a backup of phone by navigating to Settings>> backup. Also know that photos, music and apps will be wiped out in this reset process. Click that you understand then click Continue.

6. The Nokia software should now start installing and would take about 15 minutes to complete.

7. During the installation process, do not use the phone or disconnect the cable.

When the Nokia Lumia smartphone restores Windows Phone 8, you can download the Lumia Cyan update featuring the latest Windows Phone 8.1. Then, perform a hard-reset so that the operating system can offer the Restore process from the backup created in the beginning of the installation process.

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source: IBtimes

  • nishanthsurya

    wowowwwwwwwwwww i got it thank u soooooooooooooooooo much

    • sai kiran

      gopinath ji how did u get it??? plss help me out man!

    • sai kiran

      heyy nishanth plss help me out man

  • gopinath

    I installed windows 8.1 developer preview on my Lumia 720. In order to get the official windows 8.1 cyan update I tried to reset my os to windows 8 by using Nokia software recovery tool but the following error occurs and couldn’t downgrade my os.

    Error: Phone info software package not supported

    Kindly help me in solving this issue

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  • sai kiran

    im a lumia 525 user and im using the windows 8.1 preview for developers version of the os. i installed nokia recovery tool and the error says like this:

    *There was a problem connecting to the selected phone. Disconnect all phones , Restart nokia recovery tool again and try again. If the problem still persists uninstall and download the latest version of the software.

    To be sure im using the latest version of nokia recovery tool.. Please help me guys. i wanna go back to win phone 8

  • Debep –

    I did everything mentioned in this page step by step but still os is shown as 8.1, it didnt downgrade to 8. I really need to downgrade to be able to use the camera. Need the camera badly, plz help !

  • shubham

    How I get again window 8 from 8.1

    • Rick

      follow the process shown.

  • Hossam

    I did everything mentioned in this page step by step but still os is shown as 8.1, it didnt downgrade to 8.0 plz help

    • Rick

      what issue u r facing. Do u follow the process.

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  • hari

    how to remove a un wanted apps from windows phone

    • Rick

      It simle, just tap and hold on app and click on uninstall.

  • Movin

    I’ve tried using the Nokia Software recovery Tool but it only shows me the latest version of Windows that is 8.1 and all I want is to get back to Windows 8.0. I was prompted to install and when I clicked it it downloaded the Windows 8.1 which is 1.52GB and immediately it finished it started downloading it again…Pliz help

    • Rick

      Movin, we are making second part of this video in which you can downgrade to windows phone 8.0.

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  • Amuza Gb

    Can you downgrade from denim to cyan?

  • Shubham Gupta

    i have upgraded my nokia lumia 520 to windows 10 and it didn’t works fine so i downgraded my phone using nokia recovery tool after downloading the OS it is going to install but during that internet connection lost and OS didn’t installed completely due to which my phone didn’t respond then i tried to use recovery tool again, it said phone doesn’t responding.
    please help…

  • Ivan3552