Data Sense for Windows Phone 8.1 – How to Limit your Data Usage

Data Sense for windows phone 8.1 is a feature in Lumia Windows Phone to limit your data usage. When you are not connected to wi-fi, then you are using your mobile data. Data Sense helps you to Limit your data in a periodic way, or by limiting the data on monthly basis.

With the upcoming Windows 10, Data Sense also upgraded for Windows 10 for phones, PC’s & tablets. There may be some updations in Data Sense but most probably it is same as in 8.1

data-sense windows phone

Data Sense can help you conserve mobile data by monitoring your phone’s data usage and saving some tasks until you have a WiFi connection again.

You can pin the Data Sense app to Start, and the Live Tile will automatically update to tell you how much mobile and WiFi data your phone has used. If you open the app, you can see a breakdown of which apps and features are using the most data.

Data Sense App:


Data sense is a kind of app which you can set and customize easily as you want. Either you have 2 GB plan or unlimited data plan, Data sense will help you with all kinds of plans. When you start the app first time, it will ask you to add Data information. You can skip this at that time and enter the info later.


You have a few options for selecting a limit in the Data Sense app.

  • None specific – Will help you conserve cellular data, but Data Sense can do more if you enter your data limit.
  • One time – This is useful for those on prepaid plans. Select this option to enter the remaining days until your data expires and the amount of available data. Data Sense will notify you when you approach your limit.
  • Monthly – This is for those on contracts who have a given amount of data that they must use within the month. You can select which day of the month your data resets and how much data you’re allowed to use in that month. Like the above option, Data Sense will notify you when you approach your limit.
  • Unlimited – This is for those who truly do have unlimited data. Most data will go over your cellular connection, but Data Sense will still keep track of how much data you and your apps are using.

Note: You should add the Data Sense Live Tile to your start screen, as it provides key information on data usage. The Live Tile is also the only place you will be immediately informed of the device being placed in restricted background data mode.

You’ll see the number of days and amount of data remaining if you have a one time or monthly limit set. Do you have an unlimited data plan or didn’t specify a limit? The Data Sense app will still show your cellular and Wi-Fi data use over the past 30 days. The Live tile for Data Sense will also keep all this information surfaced on your Start screen if you pin it, which is why we highly recommend doing it.

To start tracking your data usage, all you need to do is set up a personal data limit on your phone.

To set or change a data limit

1. In the App list, tap Data Sense icon.

2. Tap Settings icon, then tap the Set limit button.

3. Tap the Limit type list.

4. Choose one of the following:

•If you have a pre-set amount of data to use and the data will expire on a specific date, tap Pre-paid.

•If you have a limited amount of data you can use each month before incurring overage charges, tap Monthly.

•If you have unlimited data but still want to track your usage, tap Unlimited.

5. If you chose Pre-paid or Monthly, tap the available lists to enter values and dates that match your data plan.

6. Tap Done icon.

How to Restricting background data:

Many apps and features use a data connection to update at regular intervals without requiring you to take action. For example, an email app may check a mail server every few minutes to see if you have new messages in your inbox. Any data used in this way is called background data.

These helpful updates can suddenly become unhelpful if you’re trying to conserve mobile data.

Data Sense can reduce the amount of background data you use when you are near your data limit. That means your phone will restrict the use of mobile data unless you perform a task manually and wait for a WiFi connection for everything else.

To restrict background data automatically

1. In the App list, tap Data Sense icon.

2. Tap Settings icon, then select the Restrict background data when I’m near my limit checkbox.

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