How to Reset Fitbit Not Syncing – Fitbit Support

How to Reset Fitbit Not Syncing – Fitbit Support: Fitbit is a technological device used to measure certain activities such as heart rate, the number of steps walked, quality of sleep, steps climbed and other such personal activities of an individual. Fitbit is a cordless and wearable device.

Fitbit is an American company which manufactures such devices which track the records of personal metric of the individuals. James Park and Eric Friedman is the founder and manager of the Fitbit company which is headquartered in San Fransisco, California.

The company has managed to make various Fitbit devices such as Fitbit tracker, Fitbit zip, Fitbit ultra, Fitbit one, Fitbit flex, Fitbit charge, Fitbit force, Fitbit charge HR, Fitbit surge, Fitbit blaze, Fitbit area, Fitbit charge 2 and Fitbit alta which have various other functions from each other to perform.

How to Reset Fitbit Not Syncing

How to setup Fitbit tracker?

When you purchase your Fitbit device, you just can start using it directly. You have to set it up so that it functions good and you get to use all its features.

To set up the Fitbit device:

first of all, you have to download the Fitbit app on your phone or PC if you are using it or Mac.

– Remember for each these device in which you will be installing the app have their own version of the Fitbit app so you cannot use Fitbit app for the phone on your PC.

– So first of all install, the app say in your PC. Now when you are done with this Connect your Fitbit device with the PC via USB cable provided to you to sync the Fitbit tracker with your PC.

– When you sync the Fitbit tracker with your PC you will be available with various options like you can transfer the data from your Fitbit dashboard to the PC, in the fit bit dashboard from which you can see your statistics of the tracks , you can then analyse it.

How will you reset your Fitbit flex?

Fitbit flex is a product of the Fitbit company which tends to record or track the number of steps you walk in a day.

When you experience problems with your device wasn’t syncing or say it do not respond when you put it on charging, or you have charged it but though it was not lighting up after that even or any other similar problems you can just reset your Fitbit flex and you will out of the trouble within minutes.

To reset the Fitbit flex what you have to do is,

– first of all, is to connect the charging cable to a USB port.
– Then when you do this insert Fitbit flex into the charging cable.
– Now what you have to do is take a paper clip and insert it into the small hole which you find at the back of the charger
– Now hold it for four to five seconds and then take it out, your Fitbit flex is reset now, and you can remove it from the charging cable.

And yes though you reset your Fitbit flex your data won’t be lost in the process so you need not worry about it.

How to reset your Fitbit surge?

Fitbit surge is a way to smart innovation which acts like a smartwatch and even tracks down a person’s personal metrics such as heart rate, pace , a distance which he travelled.

Though sometimes this device leads to some issues such as your device is syncing or your device is unable to track the metrics or your device is not turning on even after charging or it’s not responding your commands etc.

To solve such problems you just need to reset your device which is quite simple.

To reset the device you just locate the button on your device which is on the left side and the at the bottom right.

Now what you have to do is press and hold this buttons for at least 10 – 15 sec until you see any response from the screen such as a flash or dim.

Now wait for a few seconds around 15 and then touch the home screen, your device is rest now.

How to reset your Fitbit charge Hr?

The Fitbit charge Hr is the new version of the Fitbit charge . In the new Fitbit charge hr it tracks your heart rate and the new feature is that it also tracks down the calories which were not done in the Fitbit charge.

As told before these devices sometimes add to some issues in its functioning which are like it’s not syncing with your phone or laptop, it is not tracking down the metric of the individual or not working even after you have charged it, etc.

These problems coming in your way can be solved by a small reset of your device.

To perform this small reset in the Fitbit, Charge Hr follow the instructions which are

First of all, You have to start charging your Fitbit charge Hr.
Now as you do so see the side button of the Fitbit charge hr and now press it and hold it for a few seconds that will be around 10 seconds.
When you do so after 10 sec you will see the Fitbit icon and also a version number on your Fitbit screen; now your Fitbit will start to reset and then your issues will be solved easily.

How to reset Fitbit alta?

The Fitbit alta is one of the standard product of the wristbands of Fitbit. Though being the standard product it doesn’t track down heartbeat and doesn’t have altimeter, it only tracks down sleep and exercises.

As a digital product it may be possible that there arise some issues like your Fitbit product is not syncing with your device or it may happen that it may not function or track down the personal metrics of the individual and any other type of such issues may arise , so for this you should not worry a lot and should go for a soft reset of your Fitbit alta device.

To perform this soft reset what you have to do is connect your Fitbit device with charging cable and charge it.

– You will find a button on the charging cable at the end where the cable is connected to your PC or charger.
– Now what you have to do is that you have to press that button three times while taking pauses in between the pressing of the button and this work should be done within eight seconds of the time period.
– When you will do so you will see an alta logo on the screen of your cable and your Fitbit alta device will be rest and now you can unplug the Fitbit alta device from the USB cable.

How to reset Fitbit time ?

It happens sometimes that your Fitbit device shows wrong time and dates. There are many reasons which can be responsible for this.

Some of the reasons are that when you travel between different time zones your Fitbit device will show wrong time and dates. Another reason that is possible is that when the country mostly western countries shift to daylight saving time your Fitbit device will show you again the wrong time.

It can also happen when your Fitbit device battery is drained fully or you have turned it off so sometimes the Fitbit device when you start your device again may not show you the correct time.

It may also happen that you are running on the old version so it is recommended for you to update it and run firmware version 18.22 .

Now to update your time and date in the Fitbit device you have to sync your Fitbit devicewith your smartphone, laptop or mac.

When you sync your Fitbit device with your PC or mac or your smartphone your Fitbit device updates the time settings and time zones. You can sync your Fitbit device with the PC or mac or smartphone with the help of the Fitbit app only.

How to reset Fitbit data?

You can delete different data on your Fitbit device, it may be of weight loss, walking, heart rate etc.

Delete Wight loss data -: To delete the weight loss data you have to log in to your Fitbit account on When you log in just go to the dashboard. Now search for the food plan option and select it , then go to the plan summary option. There you will see log weight , select it and move downwards where you will see measurement history.

Click it and there will be all the data related to weight loss select and delete the data which you want to delete.

Delete the greetings -: To delete the greetings also you have to do the same by logging in the Fitbit account and go to the dashboard. Now search for the settings. Now select the activity tracker and now you can delete the greetings.

Delete the profile data -: To delete the profile data you have to deactivate your account. For this, you have to contact to the customer care by sending them the email.

To delete every data on your device you have to again contact the customer support and email them the reason for deletion of all the data.