How to Share/Email full Resolution Images in Windows Phone

This is a step by step guide on how to share full resolution images in windows phone. As so many people are asking about this so we think to share this as an article. This is a guide with steps (not well explained in other posts) so that you too can share images easily.

Pocket File Manager:

The best File Manager with full access to phone and SD Card!


– Full access to Phone and SD Card. Now you can store any files in those locations and retrieve them by connecting to PC.

– Full featured FTP Server. Supports active and passive connections. Supports authentication.

– Downloader with resume and scheduler. Automatically detects Youtube url and allows to download video file.

– File browser.

– Copy/Cut/Paste operations for files and folders

– SkyDrive,Dropbox, Yandex.Disk, Box, Google Drive, support

– Send files by Bluetooth

– Send file by Email

– Share by HTTP with NFC support

– Supports extracting from rar,zip,tar,gz,7z formats

– Compressing files and folders into .zip file

– Save music into media library and set music as ringtone

– Open and view movie files (supported formats are depend on Windows phone supported formats)

– Open file in phone. If supported applications are exist

– Receive archive files from mail, browser and any application which can open it in phone.

– Run under lock screen

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Step 1: Download and install Pocket File Manager (worth the $1.99)

Step 2: Open the app and add an image source for your photos

share-email full resolution images


share-email full resolution images 1

share-email full resolution images 2


Step 3: Enable Background Settings “Make sure run in “background is enabled” and so is “show thumbnails”. This is to ensure your image continues to upload when emailing and you can see which image you would like to select in the file browser.

share-email full resolution images 3




Step 4: Add Mail settings: I found the outlook/MS mail worked best. Make sure to leave SSL off (didn’t work for me when selected). To select outlook/live click on predefined servers.

share-email full resolution images 4


Step 5: Email a file/photo: Make sure to shut down the app and close it from memory. Then open the app and navigate to your photo folder. Find the larger full resolution image and long press it. Select the email option.

share-email full resolution images 5

You can now send a full resolution image. For Your Success!