Instagram Repost App – How to Repost Photos, Videos on Insta?

Instagram Repost App is the best app to repost things on Insta. Learn How to Report Videos, Photos on Instagram: This is one of a very much used social networking sites. This app basically is all about pictures and videos. You can post as many as pictures and videos you want, on Instagram. Instagram users tend to want to add more and more people to their follower’s list. Instagram has now become a huge network of pictures and videos. 

You can find any kind or can say any type of video or photo on this application. Usually, when we like a photograph or video we would prefer sharing it on our profile so that people attached to us get to know about that particular thing. At facebook, we can repost anything we like just by sharing it. Twitter gives us the option to retweet. But Instagram still lags behind in this feature as we have no option which can help the reposting thing to happen. 

Instagram Repost App

It is understood that Instagram might be doing this for the safety of its users in terms of some copyright and credit sort of issues. But in the world of smartphones, sharing pictures video cannot be so difficult. People do find ways and nothing is too difficult now. 

In order to stop the bad workers, it is making it inconvenient for a lot of those people who have no such intention. And anyway we can always take the screenshot of the post we like and post it from our account if it is needed to badly. Though reposting a video becomes a big task when we don’t have any download or repost option provided by Instagram.

Instagram Repost App:

So here is the procedure by which you can download the 3rd party app that will help you repost the Instagram posts you wish to share:

For android-

  1. Go on your internet browser and search for a website where repost for the Instagram app can be found.
  2. After you get a suitable website, tap on the download button to start the download of the app.
  3. You now have the apk file in your device. Tap on it to open it.
  4. Once you try to open the file, you will see a window asking you to install the app. Press the install button.
  5. The app will now be visible on your home screen.

For iOS-

  1. The first step remains the same; just you have to search for an IPA file instead of APK file.
  2. Once you find a suitable site, download the IPA file by clicking on the download button on that site.
  3. Once you try to open the app, it will ask you to open the Cydia installer that will help the iOS device to install the application.
  4. If you are not signed in, then sign up your Cydia installer app and the installation of repost for the Instagram app will be finished shortly.

How to Repost

After the procedure of installing the app, we are here with the procedure which you will have to follow has 6 easy steps. The steps are:

STEP 1: This step will be completed after downloading and installing the ‘Repost for Instagram’ app for iOS or Android. This is the 3rd party app you read about in the above article.

STEP 2: After the installation of the app is done, launch the app to log in. here you will have to use your Instagram username and password as you will be logging into your Instagram account. Once it is done, it will ask you for permission to access basic info from Instagram, accept it. You can now see your whole feed in front of you.

STEP 3: Scroll through your feed and tap on the picture you wish to repost. Select it and you will see the REPOST button just below the image.

STEP 4: You will be now redirected to photo editor where you will be able to choose the position of the watermark that has a name of the original profile and can also switch the theme of the caption to light or dark.

STEP 5: after ‘step 4’ iOS and Android will function differently. Ios will open the share menu that will have an option ‘Open in Instagram’, whereas android will automatically open the Instagram app.

STEP 6: The last step is the usual one that we follow every time we share a post on Instagram. You can edit the picture accordingly and paste the caption from the clipboard. And you are all set to press the share button.