10 Best Free and Legal Music Download Sites for Your Android Phone

There are numerous of websites that will provide you free music downloads without any copyright issue and that is the reason why we have decided to make you a list of best free music download sites for your Android and iPhone.

You will be able to choose the exact format, however, the most of them are in MP3, so you can use it on your mobile devices or your PC, and it doesn’t matter where. The most important thing that we want to say is that you will be able to download music free online and after that, it will be forever yours.

Imagine that you can download all songs in the world without any copyright issue, legal as it can be. They will not try to track you or punish you because these websites have their own agreement that allows them to give you free music without any strings attached. If you have thought that this cannot exist, think again.

If you are looking to download free music for Android device then these sites will help you to download mp3 songs via their website online and by using free music downloader apps of these sites.

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After this article, you will immediately try to download your favorite songs in mp3 format, and why you wouldn’t, it is free. We present you free mp3 download sites.

10 Best Free Music Download Sites to Download MP3 Songs

1. SoundCloud Music Downloader

Free Music Download

SoundCloud is a copyright free downloading website where you can stream and download free music. You can create your own content when you register, and sometimes you can find even professional artists that share their new songs along with other musicians.

However, some of the music cannot be downloaded, and some of them require you to download certain FB page in order to download it. However, if you see the Download button, the transfer will happen instantly. More>>

2. NoiseTrade


This particular site is great because you will be able to legally download your favorite songs, and all of them are not into the copyright law. Artists are uploading their own music for you to see and listen to their new creations, so that way you will be able to promote them afterward.

You just have to enter an email address and zip code in order to download an album that you want and you will receive an email with a link that will lead you to download. Everything will be in zipping file and songs are in MP3 format.

There are numerous old and new albums that you can download by browsing numerous categories and sections that are designed simply and perfectly. More>>

3. Jamendo


All songs that are available on this particular Free Music Download site are legal because they went through Creative Commons Licensing, which means that artists allowed them to give you the possibility to download mp3 songs whatever you want. You will be able to discover new music, or custom made songs that are still not popular uploaded by members. There are numerous criteria such as most downloaded, most popular, latest releases and much more.

That is not everything because you will be able to listen to free radio stations and channels that are filtered by numerous categories such as genre and a particular style that you want to listen.

You will be able to download it for iOS and Android devices. More>>

4. PureVolume


This particular free mp3 download site is great because it gives the possibility to the artist to upload their own songs and to promote themselves to other people. There are many songs, even by recognized artists, because the era of internet arrived and most of them are promoting themselves through free samples of their albums.

There are numerous categories that you can choose or search it manually through a search engine that is connected to the entire database.

The only format that you can download is MP3, however, great thing is that you don’t have to register or leave any mark, just click download and everything will be over in a matter of seconds. More>>

5. Free Music Archive



Free Music Archive is the great copyright free mp3 songs download website that will direct you to numerous songs and radio stations that you can stream online or download it directly without strings attached, and you don’t even need to register. Most of the songs are free due to Creative Commons licenses and some of them are in public domain because the copyright has expired.

You just have to browse it through or search it manually in order to download free music it directly on your device. If you decide to create a free account, you will be able to interact with other users and to make your own collections and playlists. More>>

6. Internet Archive’s Audio Library

Free Music Archive

This Free Music Download website contains a huge database of songs with millions of results for podcasts, audio, radio programs and free and legal music to download in their archive. You can sort them by numerous categories and criteria by most viewed, date published. There are many different songs that you can download without any additional issues.

Formats that you can download are OGC and MP3. More>>

7. Amazon Music


We have all heard about Amazon and its amazing features that provide you through their interfaces; however, there are also many legal and free songs that you can download from this Free Music Download site without any additional problem. There is a section that you have to choose such as Free Downloads, and even though, you will get the limited offer, everything is available for free and you will not be punished afterward. There are different types of songs that you can in the same time stream online or download it directly on your device or PC. More>>

8. Last.fm


We have all heard about last.FM Free Music Download site and its huge database of songs, however, there are different ways to download legal and free mp3 music, when you choose Free Downloads category. There is also a possibility to stream and listen thousands of radio stations. More>>

9. SoundClick


If you choose to access this particular portal you will be able to find songs to download legally directly from artist’s websites. That means that you can find even recognized artists and unsigned.

You can browse music from this Free Music Download site without any problem with numerous categories and the most important one that is different than other websites from this list is that you will have the insight on charts and to download the latest songs that are available.

You can also stream or make your own radio stations in order to get more listeners and there is also a forum where users are discussing numerous topics.

Some songs you can download directly some you can only stream, everything depends on the option that artist has given. More>>

10. Vimeo Music

Vimeo music_store

Vimeo is not only a video streaming website but also a Free Music Download site, however, it contains options for free mp3 downloads if you choose Creative Commons license category.

There are different songs and you can access more than just a one, and some of them are available for download, some for just online streaming. There is also Advanced Filter that will give you the possibility to have a list of free music that you can download without any problem. More>>


We have presented you best free and legal music downloader sites that you can use immediately because there are no strings attached, and if you are lucky you will be able to find your favorite musician and artist among huge database.