Best Offline Music Apps to Listen to Music Without Wi-Fi for Android & iOS

Listening to the music is the best thing that you can do in your spare time but if you listen to music that doesn’t need the internet will save so much data. Hence we have introduced some free music apps on which you can make your favorite songs offline and enjoy the songs or your favorite music without wi-fi on Android and iOS devices. Offline Music apps mean that they don’t use data once you have made your playlist offline.  

Music without wi-fi

Before, we used different types of portable devices that gave us the possibility to have our moments with our favorite songs. There are different ways to listen to music from your mobile devices without any internet connection to stream music. Check some Games to Play without Wifi. We are going to present you ten free offline music apps to listen to music without wifi or the internet

How to Listen to Free Music without WiFi

1. Spotify Music – free music apps no wifi needed

Android | iOS

Spotify Free Music

Spotify is one of the most used offline music streaming apps that you can install on both iOS and Android devices. It is highly rated and used every day by millions of smartphone users. You can choose your favorite song in the database with more than 30 million of songs and many custom made playlists that could help you find your genre and to listen without stopping. You can also upload your songs and mixes so that other users could listen to it and comment it, so it has some features that are similar to other social media networks.

2. Deezer – Music Player without wifi

Android | iOS

Deezer Music without wifi

We have all heard about Deezer and those they are a synonym for a site that contains all songs of the world. You can easily get free 100% personalized music on your mobile device. It is also great music downloader with no wifi needed, in which you access your favorite music, and when you finish, you can save the playlist to start again in the same place. There are numerous playlists and categories that are categorized by your taste such as rap, disco, classic rock and much more.

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3. Google Play Music

Android | iOS

This particular app is one of the best music apps that don’t need wifi and you can install on your mobile device for free. You just have to connect to Google Play Store and install it with single steps. To listen to songs without an internet connection, you have to add music to your library. However, there is a free version that doesn’t allow you the possibility of offline listening, so if you want that option you have to pay some minimal fee, and you can easily choose more than 50 thousand songs in your playlist that you can listen all the time.

4. iHeartRadio Music without Wifi

Android | iOS

iheart radio music without wifi

This is another great music player app to hear music without wifi that will allow you to listen to songs without an internet connection. With thousands of radio stations that are available, you can search them by numerous criteria and categories such as genre and much more. You can use it freely, and it is very simple, so it doesn’t matter if you haven’t used similar apps, everything is transparent. You will be able to discover thousands of radio stations from all over the world, and also create your library by choosing more than a million songs from the database.

5. Slacker Radio

Android | iOS

Slacker Radio Music without wifiSlacker Radio is another music app where no wifi needed with numerous features, but it is highly popular for it easily streams radio stations. There are thousands of radios and playlists that you can listen without connectivity, you just have to install it through Play Store, and the journey can begin. There are also numerous features such as creating custom music and listen to favorite music from numerous stations without any charge.

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6. YouTube Music

We have all heard about YouTube and their most popular video database, but you can also use it to stream offline music and to listen to youtube music without wifi. There are many personalized radio stations that you can choose by your taste of music genres. When you install the app, you can use it without Wi-Fi. You can find and browse more than 30 million different songs which are free for all users, but you have to get pro membership if you want to get access to all features.

7. Amazon Music

Amazon has everything, and music is just a piece of the puzzle of this amazing online giant. There are more than 40 million songs which you can stream and sync with your device. You can stream new releases as well as old songs, and there are various lists such as most popular artists and much more that could help you determine what you would like to listen. There is a pro membership version in which you will be able to upload your songs and playlists and to hear to it without having any internet connection.

8. TuneIn Radio

Android | iOS

tunein radio music without wifi

This particular app is great if you want to listen to your favorite music offline and there are also many radio stations that you can listen for free. There are more than 100 channels, and you can quickly browse and find your favorite one, and after you save it, you will be able to get access with a single click. Except for music, there are also radio stations about sports, comedy, political commentary and much more.

9. Shazam

Android | iOS

Shazam music without wifiWe have all heard about Shazam and its fantastic options that you will get after you install it. There are more than 100 million users, and it is mostly used to identify music with a single tap. However, that is not the only feature that it has; you can also listen to music and have access to lyrics and videos. You just have to log in, and soon afterward you will be able to use it online and offline and to listen whatever you want without any strings attached.


10. Pandora

Android | iOS

pandora free-music-without-wifi

Pandora is the largest database for online radios and streaming services, and it offers you the possibility to access to numerous services to find your favorite music on your iOS and Android devices. You can also choose to have an offline option for listening, and you just have to browse on search engine by artist or song, and you will get it in a matter of seconds. You can also create your radio station on Pandora, and share it further to other users and friends.


There are many different music apps to listen to music without Wi-Fi, you just have to be persistent, and in some cases to pay some minimum fee and you will have access to millions of songs from all around the world.