Main Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows Phone 8

Every Phone have some advantages and disadvantages, so as Windows Phone have. Nothing is perfect in this world either Product or Person. Although windows phone devices comes with windows 7 which may not support all the apps and features which Android supports but sooner or later, after acquiring Nokia by Microsoft, Windows Phone 7 Upgraded to Windows Phone 8 and introduced some new features which will reduce its disadvantages. 

Advantages of Windows Phone:

  • Windows Phone 8 Devices Supports Micro SD Card by which you can directly connect your memory card to system and transfer files to it.
  • Windows Phone 8 have better Video Codec.
  • Windows Phone 8 now support Multi Core Processors.
  • Windows Phone 8 New and Innovative Interface with Small Tiles.
  • Windows Phone 8 devices supports HD Display.
  • More Apps coming to Windows Phone 8.
  • Microsoft Office Support for Windows Phone is bigger Advantage.
  • Better Gaming experience with XBox Games.
  • Bing Search for Windows Phone.
  • Latest Internet Explorer for better Browsing experience.
  • Inbuilt Bar Code Scanner.
  • Windows Phone Devices Never stuck even with heavy files and games.

Disadvantages of Windows Phone:

Above we have discussed many Advantages for Windows Phone 8, still it has some Disadvantages for general use.

  • Only some devices have 1GB and 2GB RAM, which is bad for growing of Windows Phone Market.
  • Windows Phone Store is still fails to compete with Android and iOS stores.
  • The most of best games on Windows Phone store requires up to 1GB of RAM which is not available in all phones. Only Higher end devices have .
  • Windows Phone devices support limited Video Code like .mp4, .3gp, and .avi, but can’t play formats like .mkv and others. Other formats require some apps to play these formats and they are also paid apps, which include Moliplayer pro all in one video player.
  • It has only one interface with live tiles which may bore some users.
  • Windows Phone devices don’t have pattern lock. 
  • Windows Phone devices don’t support video sharing over Bluetooth and NFC.
  • One of Major problem is there is no file manager also do not have apps.
  • There is no single default video player in windows phone.
  • No Flash Player support in browsers.
  • There is no Antivirus app in Windows Phone Store for Security purpose.
  • Also Windows Phone devices are little expensive as compared to Android devices which have lots of features.

Final verdict: Although windows phone won’t have so many features which other phones have, but it will give some innovative experience of using the phone. We hope as Microsoft is working on improving windows phone features and upgraded to windows phone 8.1 sooner in June 2014, which will include features pattern lock, file manager, separate volume and music controls keys.

Share your experience with Windows Phone. What you think about windows phone. Does it is better that Android.

  • Vinod

    How come you miss a task manager ?
    I hate it when i have to keep pressing back button to get rid of all the apps i accessed

    • Rick

      vinod, this feature is active in wp8 but in wp8.1, u can long press back button and close the app by click on cross button.

  • Vinod

    i would have read this article before.. I made blunder mistake by purchasing WP, in android you will get most of the apps for free , in WP i am not able to find single File Explorer which i can compare with ES File Explorer of android

    • Rick

      Vinod, There are so many file explorers in wp store also. What problem u have, We will try to give a solution.