How to transfer or uninstall multiple apps with Storage Sense on Windows Phone 8.1

Storage sense for windows phone 8.1 can work like charm to free up space from your phone. You love lots of apps but due to limited storage, making free space is difficult. Before Windows Phone 8.1 Update, we were only able to install apps on internal memory of phone. But when we need to install some important apps or games, we have to uninstall apps or games, we use rarely.


But after 8.1 update, we have privilege to install apps directly to microSD card without any hassle.  With Storage Sense, it becomes very easy to move apps that are already installed on your phone to microSd card in a group, rather than transferring them individually. You can also use Storage Sense to uninstall multiple apps at once.

Follow to Transfer apps to SD Card:

1. Open Storage Sense from Settings on your Phone. You can also PIN it to your start screen.


2. Tap on Storage sense and click on Phone, give it some time to show you data usage by category.


3. Select Apps+games folder and see the games and apps you have installed on your phone.

4. Now select the folder select icon in below of screen.


5. Now select the apps or games you want to move to SD card.


6. You can also uninstall the apps from same menu. Once you click uninstall and then confirm to press Yes.


That’s it. You have done that.

  • Laxmi Narayan Patel

    Hi , I’m not able to make customize ringtones though i have copied it in Phone Memory in Ringtones folder , Phone Model = Nokia Lumia 720 , OS = 8.1 ,