Peter Answers Trick, Secret – How does it works ?

Peter Answers Trick, Secret – How does it works ?:  It is a popular prank app to amaze your friends. It incorporates tricks, which only you have to know. Just take out your phone and introduce your friends to Peter. Let them ask a query and He will amaze you with his reply.

It is a tarot card playing game where the user asks the query about his/her future and He tells them about their future by answering the questions. This is actually a prank which you can play with your friends or family members. This is a website where there are two boxes available, you have to request him and then ask the question that you want to know. It then answers the question. Here are the brief steps to know how to ask peter the query you want to get answered.

If you love to play tricks on your friends or family members, take out your phone and introduce them to Peter. Have them choose a query, type it in, and Peter will amaze everyone in the room.

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How to ask Peter Questions and get them answered.

1. The first thing is to go on the website.

Directly search for it on the search engine or just follow Peter Answers. There are two boxes on the page, one is the Petition box and the other query box.

2. Ask a question to the person you want to trick, and if you know the answer to that query you can move to the next step, and if you don’t know the answer you can ask the person for the answer so that you can move to the next step.

3. Now in the petition box, type the answer starting with “.”. To understand it better look at the following example. “.because he is too smart”. Here this is the answer to the question “how come he is able to answer the questions”. When you will start typing in the petition box with “.”, whatever you type will appear as “Peter, please answer the following question”.

4. Press “.” repeatedly till the statement is complete. Example if you are done with your answer and in the petition box it’s only, “Peter, please answer the following que”, then typing “.” five times will complete the statement, “Peter, please answer the following question”. Doing this will complete the statement and your friend won’t doubt about any possibility of a prank.

5. Press ‘:’ after completing your answer in the petition box. Once you are done typing the answer in the petition box then type ‘:’ to move to the question bar. Typing ‘:” also gives an indication that your reply is complete and He can guess the reply now.

6. Type the question. In the question, box type the question normally and do remember to add the ‘?’ at the end of the question. Only then the question is complete and valid and can be responded by peter. This also automatically submits the question.

7. Now watch for Peter’s answer. After you have submitted your question, He will reply your question just below the two boxes. Here in the example that we have used, the response will be “because he is too smart”.

These are some of the very simple steps to get the things done with Peter. It is actually a very good method to trick your friends and your family. You can always find it interesting at every point of life.

Peter Answers Trick:

4.0 Virtual Tarot – The trick – Instructions:

The Trick: 

While the Ouija Board® has always presented doubts about the authenticity of its functioning, this new Virtual Tarot is explained by the following trick: The user (while writing the petition) enters the response without our realizing it.

How can I enter my own Answers ?

You can enter an answer by writing a dot (.) in the textbox “Petition”. In its place, a letter “P” will be shown. Then you have to write the response (and while you write the answer the petition will be shown).

Step 1:

In “Petition” enter a dot (.) followed by the answer. For this example write “.hello.” (without inverted commas). In its place, part of the petition will be shown. Add another dot after the response.

Peter Answers The trick Instructions How does peter answers work

Step 2:

Complete the petition with the remaining part: (please answer). Write the question, press “Enter” and the reply will be shown.

Peter Answers trics 2

It makes sense if you show it to other people. They will see that Peter is answering to their questions.


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  • Bug fixes and crashes

How Does Peter Answers Work ?

There is a site that is been becoming famous among the prankster group called Ask Peter. It comes complete with dreadful Old English text style and a copyright line at the base that adds to the interest, “Dwindle Answers 3.5 – Virtual Tarot – Original thought: Wizard 666.”  That’s correct, Wizard 666… .oooh, would you say you are managing a powerful element taken cover behind the bits and bytes of this recondite website page?

How Does It Work? The Believer Perspective:

Firstly we show you that How this website works, who knows nothing about the inner workings of this site. When you first arrive at the website, you’ll see a very simple web form.

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