Select & Delete Multiple Calls in Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1

wp 81 update select delete multiple callsMicrosoft has started rolling out windows phone 8.1 update 1 also named as GDR1. In this update Microsoft has introduced many new features from which Selecting and Deleting Multiple calls at once is the new feature. However, one area it did get right is the ability to select multiple entries on messaging, contacts and even phone calls.

In previous windows phone 8.1 update, if we want to delete some calls, either we have to tap the call for long and then delete the call or we have to delete the all calls at once. But in this wp 8.1 GDR1 update we can select the multiple calls for deleting. This update makes the windows phone more user friendly.

Old vs new call deletion wp 8.1


As you can see in above image on the left side there is only delete calls option but on the right side select calls is replaced by delete calls. Once Clicked, checkboxes should appear on the left side, letting you go through and choose multiple phone calls for deletion.

If you still would like to delete all of your entries, choose ‘select calls’ and now bring up the ‘…’  up again. An option to ‘select all’ is now available, letting you delete all calls.


Features like call duration (details), block number and add to speed dial can be found by a long-press on a call entry. Those are not new, as they came with the original release of Windows Phone 8.1 though they are still good know in case you missed them.