How To Setup Call Waiting and Call Forward in Windows Phone 8

Do you have ever faced a problem in Setting Up Call Waiting and Call Forwarding in Windows Phone 8. Never mind you will find the solution here. You can also mute a call, make conference call in windows phone 8, text reply to a call and many more. Your Windows Phone makes it easy to make and receive phone call. 

How to Activate Call Waiting:

call settings windows phone

1. Go to Settings, Click on Network+(Advanced Settings).

2. Click on Set Button in call Settings.

3. Slide the button to Right to activate Call Waiting.


How to Forward Calls to Another Number:

call settings windows phone

1. Go to Settings, Click on Network+(Advanced Settings).

2. Click on Set Button in call Settings.

call forward windows phone

3. After Click on SetUp Button, you will see Call Forwarding.

4. You can select which calls to forward either All calls, When you don’t answer some calls, When you’re busy or When you phone is not reachable.

5. Once you select from the above options, choose contact from your contact list or enter any number on which you want to forward calls.

6. Once you enter number, check the box and your call will be forwarded.

7. Once you have checked the box, you will see the call forwarding sign on your phone screen as in above image.



  • vijay

    the above settings are not working…

  • vijay

    hi sir

    i tried the call divert option but it is working in windows lumia 535

  • vijay

    Dear Sir,

    i tried cal divert option in my phone windows lumia 535 but this options cal forward,cal divert ,cal waiting etc options are not working .
    pls do needful

    thank you