10 Sites to Test my Internet Speed Online on Mobile and PC

24hrtech team is back with another article on How to check your internet speed online on PC and mobile app. We have shared some sites and apps where I can test my internet speed online. Some people also ask questions What is my internet speed? Sometimes the Internet could be interfered because of many different reasons and that could result in the slower connection. If you have found that your internet is slower than before, the best thing that you have to do is to test your Internet speed in order to find out all issues. Free Internet Speed Test could provide you with a very accurate report on the reasons of your slower connection. The main reason why you should frequently use broadband speed tests is that you can see your speed in the moment and you can analyze it with the speed that you are paying for. There are different sites that provide you with this information and we present you 10 must try best internet speed test sites. 

Test my Internet Speed

How to Test my Internet Speed Online on Mobile and PC

1. ISP Hosted Internet Speed Tests

Reasons to test your Internet speeds could be different; however, the best way to do it is between your own Internet Service Provider because that is the relevant report that you can later show to your agency that provides you with the internet. It is possible to find different speed tests; however, it is not always accurate as it could be, so the advice is to check different ones in order to get an overall idea on your connection speed. There are different sites that will give you that information and we are going to present you with few of them that are used and tried out before by us.

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2. Service Based Speed Tests

There are numerous reasons why you should test your connection speed and one of them is because you want to make sure that you have a great connection in order to live stream movies, series, and music. There are different streaming services that have on their web site possibility to determine your exact speed in order to see what is going on with your connection.

Netflix is a major service that has best speed test site, and it could measure your downloading speed and test your connection between Netflix and your device. However, these particular tests are not here to test your overall bandwidth, and they cannot be an argument with ISP, but you will be able to test it before you start streaming in order to understand what your downloading rate is and how much time you need in order to stream one movie.

3. TestMy.Net

This particular site is very simple to use and it contains much information that you need in order to understand the speed of your connection. It works on HTML5, which means that you will have a fast test and you can also use it on your smartphone devices. You will be able to test your connection speed with many different servers in order to get overall results. You can get results in text, image, and graph which make it better than similar tests.

4. SpeedOf.Me

This particular website is considered as one of the best Internet speedtest sites, and even though it is not made by official ISP, you will be able to determine your download and upload speed accurately. The best thing about this website is that it works on HTML5, which is synced by your browser, and you don’t need additional apps such as Java or Flash. This particular site is great because it is faster than other sites and it is far more accurate. It contains 59 servers all around the world and you will be able to determine your connection speed wherever you are.

5. Bandwidth Place Speed Test

This particular site contains more than 20 servers all around the world which makes it available for many internet users and it is also very accurate if we compare it with similar sites. It works through HTML5 which means that you could test your speed from your cell phone devices.

6. SpeedTest.net

Even though this is considered as one of the best internet speed checker, you will be able to determine for free and by very fast turnaround your connection speed no matter where you are because it contains a huge list of locations all over the world. You can also save your own result and next time you try to test your speed you can compare them in text, picture and graph possibilities. There is also an app for iOS and Android phones, and that makes it widely recognized and most popular.

7. CNET Internet Speed Test

The CNET Internet Speed Tester is a test that functions through Flash which makes it unavailable for cell phones, however, it is very popular and it contains many servers all around the world so it could determine your exact download and upload speed in order for you to realize your possibilities.

8. Speakeasy Speed Test

With Speakeasy connection test you will be able to test your internet speed wherever you are with a single click. You just have entered the site and everything will be transparent. It is very accurate and you can choose specific areas that you want to use as a server. It is very similar to Speedtest.net and it functions in the same way.

9. Ookla

Even though, Ookla has some kind of monopoly on wifi speed testing, because they made it very simple to use and the graphics are also great which makes it one of the most popular speed test. There are different sites that you can choose from it and there are numerous reasons why you should choose this particular one.

10. Speed.io

There are many net speed testing tools that could give you an approximate idea of your own connection speed. This one is very simple and you can use it with a single click. It will determine your server from your IP address and after it finds it, you will get great results. Its design is similar to speedometer of the car and it will show movements during the test.


We presented you best internet speed tests online that you must try. Even though there are different reasons why you should test your connectivity, you should always check at least two of them, and make your own report because sometimes the slower connectivity could be determined by many factors. The other thing that is important for you to know is that Wi-Fi is not that stable as broadband so you cannot expect for it to have always the same results.

So, what do you think which are the internet speed check sites? We would like to hear about it in comments below