Top 10 Best Music Download Apps for Windows Phone

Music is a very common thing that you wish to have in your smartphone. Browsing the internet and downloading songs can be a real hectic task and this is the reason there are now a number of music applications available. Android devices have a huge list of such applications. But if you are using a Windows phone, then you can try out installing these Best Music Download Apps for Windows Phone for enjoying your favorite tracks.

1. Free Music Downloader

This is one of the easiest downloader for music that your Windows device can have. It has an inbuilt music library where all your downloaded files will get saved and you can enjoy them. Downloading of music is also easy where you just have to search for the song and you will get an option to download it immediately.


2. Rhapsody

This is again an easy application for your Windows device if you are a music lover. You can listen to both online and offline songs. Simply you have to search and click on the music file and you can enjoy your favorite track.


3. iMusic

Though the name of this application is iMusic, but you will have a number of things here to explore. You search and download songs in different languages of India along with English. Apart from this you can stream and watch movies and videos also.


4. Shazam

This is an application that is easy, quick and fun. You even do not have to type and search for a music. Just hold your phone with the application on, when you hear your favorite music anywhere. The application will bring out a list where you can get not only the song but also its videos and other related info. You can also search ads and TV programs in the similar way.


5. Songza

The best thing about this application is that you can have a playlist for different situations and occasions. Just select a particular playlist and you can enjoy unlimited music of that mood. You can save your music files and can also share it with your friends.


6. Key for Pandora

This is an application that brings you all the features of the application Pandora. You can browse and select your music to download and at the same time you can get music feeds.


7. Groove Music

This can be a perfect music application that you are searching for. You can download from a innumerous number of songs and can enjoy them quite fast. You can also create your own personal playlist with all your favorite songs in one place.


8. Easy MP3 Music Download

If you are in search for a music application that is free and at the same time is also good, this application can be the right thing for you. You can listen to a number of songs from the list online and can also download them to your device. You get features like ‘Repeat’ and ‘Preview before download’.


9. MP3 Search

This is an application that you can actually trust upon. The application searches your music file from YouTube. Hence, along with the music you can also get the video of the same music on your demand to enjoy.

10. Free MP3 Downloader

Here is again an application that is free and is easiest to download songs on your device. Your songs will be saved in your Music Library from where you can enjoy them at any time.


There are a number of other music applications also available for your Windows phone. But if you are in search for the best Windows Phone music applications, these are the once that you can count upon.