Top 10 Best Photo Collage Apps for Windows Phone

People using android devices have a number of applications to chill out with. Now there are also applications with various similar features on your Windows smartphone. One of such application categories is of Photo Collages. Check out some of these Best Photo Collage Apps for Windows Phone and create some awesome photo collages to share with your friends and family.

1. PictureCollage

As the name suggests, it describes actually what the application does for you. It is very simple to use where you have to select your images from the Library and then have to arrange in a collage. The created collage can be saved in your Picture Library of the application.


2. Photostatic

Now this is an application where you can actually get creative. Choose from a wide number of frames, templates, stickers and more than 30 numbers of effects to arrange and decorate your images to create an attractive collage. You can share the created collage on various social sites directly from the application.


3. Galleries

With this application, you can turn your windows phone into a digital photo studio. You can pin your images in the background of your device, edit them with a number of available tools and can add effects to them. Now you can create a nice collage with these images along with various frames, templates, and many others.


4. Artile

Select a fun layout from a huge list provided in the application; now add your favorite images by controlling their features such as zoom, textures, effects and others. Add borders and create your collage here. Now share your artistic collage on various social networks to show your friends.


5. InstaFrame

If you want a good looking framed photograph, then this is the application that you actually need. You can add beautiful frames and borders to your images and also to the collages that you create here. Also, you add a number of effects to your masterpiece and then share it on a social site.


6. Rekap

If you wish to get an absolutely free application, especially for photo collages then Rekap is the perfect piece for you. Simple to use, you will be offered with a number of innovative options to come up with a creative collage art. You can share your collage instantly on Twitter from the application.

7. Pic Stitch

Now imagine what the name means. Simple, it means stitching different images together to create a collage. Edit your images, create the collage, and add designs like frames and effects to beautify it. You can share the created piece on various social sites and can also save it in your photo album.


8. Tap Collage

One of the best applications for Photo collages, this application is known for its regular updates. You can create your collage here in an amazing way in just a few minutes and can share them with your friends on social sites. You can save the created collages easily on your device so that you can use it later on also.


9. PhotoCollage

This is another application to create photo collages if you have a limited number of images till 10 numbers.


10. PicFrame

Click instant images or select from the library and you will get instant frames where you can arrange all your images to create a nice collage.


There are a number of applications for images, but not all offers you an option for creating great collages. If you are in search of such an application, then the above best Windows Phone photo collage apps can be of real help to you.

  • Foster Dellasciucca

    Thank you for sharing. AmoLink photo collage maker is also a great collage maker. You can have a try.