Transfer Apps to microSD Card from Phone’s Internal Memory – Windows Phone 8.1

Is your Windows Phone Internal memory is low on storage, you can add a microSD card and transfer/move the apps to SD card to save space on phone internal memory. Most of the Windows Phones 8 from Lumia 520 to Lumia 820 have only 8 GB internal memory. Lumia 920 and above devices have 32 Gb to 64 GB Internal memory.

Why You need to Transfer Apps to your SD card:

If you will keep more data in your phone internal memory it may slow down your phone’s processing which in turn may cause slow working or even your may hang. When you install an app, it is automatically installed in your phone’s memory, if you haven’t set the installed category to microSD card.

Some apps may have virus or they are bit heavy due to which they can decrease the performance of windows phone. Hence you need to install the apps on your microSD Card and also it helps you to take backup of all your apps even after phone formatting.

If a microSD card is installed, Storage Sense will show how much storage on the card is available and how much is being used. You can use the available space on the SD card to store new files or move your apps over to free up space on your phone.

Note: This tutorial is about windows phone 8.1. If you have windows phone 8, some features may not be available or little look different. You can update check on How to Install & Download Windows Phone 8.1 Update.

How to Move apps Phone Memory to SD Card:

To move apps to your SD Card

move apps to sd card

1. Go to App list, Find Storage Sense.

2. Click on Phone, it will show you apps, games, music files you stored.

3. Now to move an app, click on the app, then tap Move to SD Card. 

4. To move all apps at once, click on Select button, select the apps you want to move and then tap move to SD Card.

move apps to sd card 2

Note: Some of the apps like Whatsapp, or other not move to your SD card as they can be only installed to Phone memory.

move apps to sd card-1

To Move Apps from SD Card to Phone Memory:

1. Go to App list, Find Storage Sense.

2. Click on SD Card, it will show you apps, games, music files you stored.

3. Now to move an app, click on the app, then tap Move to Phone.

4. To move all apps at once, click on Select buttonselect the apps you want to move and then tap move to Phone.


  • Mike

    Too many gigabytes on the micro SD card makes the Storage Sense app useless with smaller phones like the 630. Not enough horsepower so the Storage Sense app stays in the “updating” mode permanently. 128gb cards are great but that app bogs down with about 20gb on the card.

  • Anonymous

    I have a Huawei W1-U00 (windows phone 8.0) and when I go to apps+games in the phone storage nothing shows up, I can’t see the list of the apps
    can you help me please??