How to Transfer Videos from TubePro App to PC in Windows Phone

Windows Phone 8 don’t have any file manager as in Android phones which makes it easier to transfer videos from App to PC or system. You will find a new feature of File Manager in windows phone 8.1 by which you can transfer all of your videos downloaded onto Windows phone to computer. But still there is an app which provide you option to transfer videos to your pc from that app via using their software. TubePro App:

Tube Pro app

Tubepro app enables you to download and play videos in HQ and HD by 3G or Wi-Fi. There is separate My Download box in Tubepro app which will show you your downloaded videos. You will your subscriptions to various channels in YouTube in Subscription box. You can select your favorite videos and watch them later also.



Features :

1. Download YouTube videos in background downloading and resume broken downloads as well.

2. Record and Upload Videos to YouTube.

3. Sync Downloaded Videos to PC.

How to Transfer Videos from TubePro App to PC:

1. First Download Supertube client & Help Doc from here,

2. Please check the IP address of your computer.

(i) On your PC, Press Windows Button + R simultaneously.

(ii)  Type CMD in box.

(iii)  A black windows will open and  type ipconfig. You will see your IPv4 Address there as in below image. how to find pc ip 3. One you find your IP, Run the software and set your username and password. supertube client 4. Run the client installation program. You need to set a username and password for the first time. You can continue running the program after you enter the username and password. supertube client 1   5. Run TubePro app. Switch to the screen of ‘My download’. Select the file you want to sync to your PC, and click ‘Send to PC’. tubepro app to wp 6. In the ‘Send to PC’ page, enter IP address of your PC. Enter same password to login as u set in software, after clicking the ‘Connect’ button. The transmission will begin. tubepro app client 7. Please don’t play the local videos during the transmission. Otherwise, an error may result. But you can play the videos on the internet in the meantime. transfer videos in wp 8. When the transmission is completed, you can see a videos folder in the file category of client program. The videos just downloaded are in the videos folder. 9. The client app supports resume broken function. If you cancel or terminate the program during the transmission, please select the same files to continue the transmission process, our program will do the unfinished work.

  • satvir

    i cannot find where the hell files are copied. help me out…..plz!!!!!

    • Grigor Davtyan

      yeah me too…

    • orphene01

      within your supertubeclient.exe folder, a “video” folder will be created.
      This app rules. No one can beat it.

  • Badre-edine Smoxar

    the send Pc option are note available for me
    i have tube v5.0.2, i need an update maybe ? could you help

    • Rick

      what it is showing? If it asks update, then u must update.

  • Sanjeev Mishra

    how to transfer downloaded pro tube videos from my windows phone to my laptop

  • carlos lojo

    wtf, this is garbage ..
    the option isn’t even there