16 Best Online TV Shows Sites to Watch TV Series Online for FREE [Full Episodes]

Use these 16 Websites to Watch TV Series online for Free without downloading the tv shows. Free Streaming available with English subtitles without any registration signup. We all remember times when we were waiting for the episode to air on TV and we would watch without blinking because that was the only possibility that we had. We could also check reruns, but that is it, once you watch it or miss it, there was no turning back. Today, things are different, because there are many streaming websites that have many Free TV shows available, so you can watch it anytime you like, with a pause or without it, as many times as you want.

Watch TV Series Online

We also watch TV, but this I the better thing because you are not limited to exact date and time and after all, you can always pause it and play it again, so you have full control, which is maybe the main reason why is using streaming sites better than watching your favorite TV series on cable. We present you 16 best sites to watch TV series online for free without any signup. You can also watch anime online for free

Watch TV Series Online Free Full Episodes without Downloading

1. Yidio.com

YIDIO stands for Your Internet Video, and it is the main philosophy of this particular online streaming website that is considered as one of the best sites to watch TV series online for free. Even though it is not as popular as other similar websites, it is still legit and gives you numerous features that could help you find what you were looking for and watch it through your cell phone or PC.

2. Tubi TV

This particular website was established 13 years ago and since then it reached millions of users and raised more than $30 million for all of their services. They have more than 50 thousand movies because they have a partnership with Paramount, MGM, and many more content providers. With numerous numbers of free TV series, you can search them through categories and genres.

3. LozolyMovies.com

Lozoly is the new site where you can stream TV series for free that still hasn’t become prominent and famous, but the design is the first thing that comes to our mind when we see it. It is very simple to use and you can stream for free for your Android any series that you want online through your cell phone or PC. It contains numerous thumbs and movies that are trending, and the design is that good that you will be able to search it all day long without getting bored.

4. Hotstar

Hotstar is an online streaming website that is owned by Star India Pvt. Ltd and in its library it includes movies, sporting events, and what is most important all TV shows that you can watch online for free that you can possibly imagine. Even though this particular website has its own premium content, which is HD and full HD resolutions of series and movies, you are still able to watch everything but in lesser quality. However, they are not expensive, just $3 on monthly basis for everything that you can watch for free and without breaking any law.

5. Project-free-tv.li

This particular website will provide you with free TV series that you can stream online but you have to become a user. You will get frequent E-mails about new shows and new episodes, so this is a great site if you want to stay in touch with today’s popular and high-rated shows. There are plenty of series in its huge database, and everything is arranged alphabetically, so you just have to scroll until you find what you wanted in the first place.

6. TVDuck.com

TVDuck is a website that has only free TV shows available, and if you are TV show lover, you will enjoy on this website. Even though it has a big database, they don’t host the content but just giving you and redirecting you to available free services that you can after choose or not. You have to subscribe and register; however, they will help you to find your favorite series in no time.

7. Crackle

We all remember or we heard that one of the first movie and TV series streaming sites for free was Crackle, and it is established by Sony in order for them to enter into digital entertainment with full and HD quality. It contains more than 120 movies and TV shows with their partners such as 20th Century Fox, FOX Digital, Paramount, Warner Bros, and much more. The first thing that you have to do is download the app on your smartphone and after doing that, just find your favorite TV show and enjoy.

8. UVerse.com

This enterprise and app are owned by AT & T and it gives you the possibility to stream movies, watch live TV shows, or demand something special and everything online. It contains great free content that you can watch without registering, however, if you choose to use premium versions, the thing that you will get for $80 is everything that you want to do, international channels, free TV series online streaming from all over the world and movies also.

9. SideReel.com

This is one of the oldest TV series free streaming sites that is similar as YIDIO, however, it has more names of TV series and numerous additional links that will lead you to a specific video stream that you wanted. There are different reviews on website that could give you second opinion of what you are trying to watch, so you can always find that particular something that could be interesting, even if you didn’t know what to watch at first.

10. 123movies4u.net

You can get whatever video you demand through this online service that became very popular for younger generations and it is one of the most popular and viewed sites to watch TV series online for free. It has a huge database of TV shows that you can stream without signup and movies and there is no premium discrimination involved, which means that everyone could watch anything. You just have to search it and once you find the title that you want to watch, you will get also reviews and trailers that will give you a wider picture.

11. OVGuide.com

Online Video Guide is longer for OVGuide, and that is the main purpose of this websites. It will provide you all knowledge and analysis that could determine exactly which TV show is the best for you. You just have to search the database, and as soon as you find it, just click on the link for video streaming and enjoy your movie or TV series, because you will be addicted in a matter of minutes.

12. Moviewatcher.io

If you want to use the website that has a full catalog of free TV series and movies, you choose the right one. With amazing website design, you will be bombarded with latest thumbs of movies and shows with all their ratings and critics that could help you determine which movie or show is the best to start with. There are different categories that are involved and it differs from other sites because it has categories “New Shows”, and “Popular Movies”.

13. Popcorn-Time.io

Everyone knows about Popcorn, it is considered one of the most popular and best sites to watch TV series online for free. It is a beautiful app with great design and it is available to download for phone, PC or laptop, it doesn’t matter which system you use. Of course, Popcorn is not a legal site, but that doesn’t stop its popularity. You just have to get VPN service that will make you anonymous and soon afterward you can use it to stream whatever you want because if you love to watch TV shows, that is not a crime whatsoever.

14. TV.com

We have all heard about this websites because it is established by CBS in order for them to make digital and online TV market. With a collection of available TV series from the UK, the US, Japan, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand, it contains channels such as NBC, HBO and many articles that will give you information and review of numerous TV shows and latest movies, or viral articles about actresses and actors.

15. USTVnow.com

This streaming service for TV shows is great because it enables you to stream TV series online for free and it is great for
U.S. Military Service Members, and it is specially made for those who live outside of America as a patriotic gesture that gives them the possibility to understand in which way the new entertainment goes. You can sign up for free and you will be able to delete your account if you want to stop using it.

16. SF movies.so

Even though everybody was a skeptic when they first saw this website, today it is one of the most popular movies streaming website. It was too good to be true; however, all series that you can imagine exists in its database. You can watch whatever you want, and still, it is very easy to use. Everything is transparent, so you just have to choose categories or to search the database and everything will be available.


These sites changed the way we think about TV series and their possibility to watch free tv shows online full episodes, so with them, we are free to do whatever we have to do, and after we are finished, we can just sit and enjoy them without any question asked. That is the meaning and importance of this amazing websites.