Track Numbers from Who Called Me App (UK) for Windows Phone

Everytime some unknown person calls you, you don’t pickup a call. So to find out Who called you, use an Who called me app for windows phone for countries like UK, Australia, Canada. This is a question for everyone How to find out who called me. 

What does Who called Me App do?

It uses the lots of caller ID’s website to provide you instant results of telemarketers, robocallers, and general annoyances plaguing people around the country. lets people report who called them, when, what the Caller ID said, and who was REALLY on the other end. By giving you an easy way to access this information on your phone Who Called Me saves you the hassle of wondering if the number you just got a call from is even worth your time!

Who called me Versions:

Version 2.0.1

If no listing is found on, you will get results from a reverse lookup with a one-time in-app purchase!

  • Fixing Search pivot on large-form-factor devices (1520, etc)

Version 2.0

  • Ad-removal available via 99¢ in-app purchase
  • reverse lookup available via $1.49 in-app purchase


How to Find out Who Called me using this App:

By using this app, you can track who just called me, who called me from this computer or from any country like australia, Canada.

1. Open the app and Enter mobile number you want to track in search box.

2. Click on Search box. You will see the information in below box Who?

3. Once you click on the name, you will get every details of that person.

4. You can also send that number to directory for future listings.

Download Who Called Me today and stop wondering if that missed call was important or just another telemarketer, and join the revolution of people helping people by reporting when YOU receive useless calls!

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Who Called Me UK for Windows Phone:

Keep getting random calls and have no idea who’s trying to pester you for whatever stupid reason? Who Called Me UK has an extensive list of numbers belonging to telemarketers, debt collectors, banks, and interviewers. All so you can find out exactly who’s disturbing you in the middle of your dinner.

This is official Who called me app for UK addition. This app is dedicated only for UK users. “Who Called Me” app is FREE and you don’t need to register and give us your phone number!


You will find here phone numbers to:

  •  interviewers
  • telemarketers
  • debt collectors
  • banks

Add new numbers and help others identify unknown callers!

Download Who called me Uk app for Windows Phone

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