Who Unfollowed Me on Instagram – Find the Unfollowers

There is no such feature in Instagram which let you know Who unfollowed you. If people came to know that who is interested in following them then this may create some drama. But still, there is a question “How to know Who unfollowed me?”. This is important when you are in a business linked with Instagram and you are potentially losing your customers. 

Now one way to see your unfollowers on Instagram is to keep track on your follower’s list but that is impossible if the list is big. Although you can’t find “Who unfollowed me on Instagram” but there are some different ways by which you may try to find. These are some online websites and apps which may tell you who unfollowed you.

Who Unfollowed Me on Instagram

Instagram has become one of the most famous social platforms where people can share their pictures and videos. Sometimes it acts as a backup for you as you will get all your photos and videos there whenever you lost your data, Instagram is all about socializing and it totally depends on your followers which we also call fans as more the fans you have more the famous person you are.

But you as we all are aware of the fact that Instagram does not provide you with any notifications regarding who unfollowed you though it tells you by leaving a notification when someone starts to follow you but when someone unfollows you how can you figure out this crap?

How to find your unfollowers on Instagram:

Well, in this article I am basically going to tell you how can you figure out this thing, and in answer to this let me drag your attention to the fact that there are a multiple of apps that can make your task really easy for you as it notifies you whenever any of your followers unfollows you.

You can easily find many apps in the Google Play Store which gives you the complete information about your Instagram account that includes how many followers do you have, how many people unfollowed you or I can say how many followers you have lost and also tells you about the people whom you follow but they don’t follow you, who blocked you and many more.

So by simply using these apps you can know almost everything about your Instagram account. I am mentioning the names of few such apps which are available on Google as well as in the Apple Store too.

Apps which tells you about your non-followers

  • Insta Follow for Instagram: This is an amazing app that tells you all the important things about your insta followers. And this app is free of cost and available in the Google Play Store and Apple Store too.
  • Followers insight for Instagram: this is another app that is used for the same purpose it provides you with a notification whenever someone unfollows you.

These are the main most rated apps for keeping an eye on your unfollowers, Some other apps are:

  • Unfollowers for Instagram
  • Followmeter for Instagram
  • Crowdfire for Instagram

Steps to use these apps:

  • For using these apps the first thing you have to do is to download and install these apps from the Google or Apple Store.
  • Then open these apps and do the most important task that is to log in there with your Instagram username and password. Don’t forget to write username and password correctly. And then click on login, now you will be inside the page where you can see all the details about your account’s followers and non-followers.

so that’s how you can keep a track on all your non-followers without even letting them know about this. You can also download Instagram repost App