Windows 10 – Free to Upgrade Microsoft’s Master Stroke

The world is taken by storm when Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will be free for all and will be a direct upgrade on Windows 7 or windows 8. The software giant has always been quite vocal about its dislike of people who use pirated software. The announcement was a major surprise for people since it was a clear and a very obvious shift from its age old stand.  However with the recent Terry Myerson interview – the Windows chief, it was very clear about why Microsoft made the shift with Windows 10.

Windows 10 – Free to Upgrade Microsoft’s Master Stroke

Single Move – Many Gains

It was clear from the stand that this was Microsoft’s Windows 10 master stroke.  Since the software will be available for free in one single stroke the company will make sure that all the legal and the pirated version of the Windows can be upgraded to a legal version of the software.

Microsoft has always struggled with the issues of piracy and has constantly waged a war against it. The company has lost billions in an estimation since a very large part of Asian users especially China tends to have a majority of users who user pirated version of Windows software.

In this move, Microsoft will consolidate its position and remove the licensed version makers from the root eliminating the need for piracy. Though the announcement may seem superficial to many but with the Windows 10 upgrade being free will enable the company to concentrate more on the licensed version of the software.


Windows 10 themes

In accordance to the announcement, people are eagerly waiting for Windows10 themes which according to the company will be launched very soon. Legalizing scores of counterfeit or pirated Windows software may be a beneficial act for the company in the future as well.

In one single stroke the company will ensure that a majority of the users will be consolidated. So what do you think of Windows 10 masterstroke? Feel free to post in your comments in the section below.