Windows 10 will be the last and latest version of Windows

Microsoft Developer Evengalist Jerry Nixon confirmed about their latest and last OS Windows 10 that this version of windows be their last major launch of Windows platform. They will continue releasing updates, but you will not see Windows accompanied the version number .

“Right now we’re releasing Windows 10, and because Windows 10 is the last version of Windows, we’re all still working on Windows 10,” he said.

Windows 10 will be the last and latest version of Windows

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella shows off some of the new features in Windows 10 at the company’s Build developer conference on April 29, 2015. IMAGE: MICROSOFT

Windows 10 represents a change in how society thinks of Windows. Like many Microsoft executives have said – and deduct any changes to the beta version of the current program for Windows 10 – is changed to a “Windows as a service” software model, rather than a piece of software you buy and about let alone until the next model.

It all started at a time during one of the first calls CEO Satya Nadella benefit when he spoke (somewhat confusing) his vision of a “Windows” run on all devices. This vision focuses more acute when Microsoft officially unveiled Windows 10 in the fall, when the company announced a new type of public beta program to test the software with direct feedback from users, as well as regular updates.

Then, in the new year, Microsoft presented its vision of Windows for consumers; clearly he meant what he said about Windows 10 on all types of devices when the laptop unveiled exciting HoloLens. And last week, amid the release of the latest version of Windows 10 beta for the conference building developers, the company said the software would have many features updates, even after its release.

It is now clear that these changes will be perpetual. Windows in the future, more like Google Chrome, which was one of the first great examples for the consumer software as a service, in the modern sense. For Chrome users, updates typically occur in the background and functions are added or excited as they roll out.

Updates can even include major changes that are invisible to users. Chrome replaces its entire browser engine (WebKit open your Homegrown Blink code) there are a couple of years, but users will not even notice. For them, it is still as Chrome, not Chrome 42, which is technically the current version number.

In recent events, Microsoft Windows 10 is engaged arrive in summer. However, when asked about a “Release to Manufacturing” official release RTM – the point in the release cycle when Microsoft sends the software to PC makers – Corporate Vice President Joe Belfiore Microsoft basically said there wouldn’t be so great to agreement on this occasion.

Windows 10 will not be sold with every option promised at launch; many will be “illuminated” at a later date. For example, extensions to Edge, the new browser will not arrive until shortly after launch.

Although this type of functionality upgrades are standard in the realm of application for Windows, which is a big change from previous generations. Yes, patches and operating system bug fixes all time sets, but the features updates are handled differently. With Windows 8, were really just two major updates (Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Update), and the original version back in 2012.

Change the pattern of Windows-as-a-service is a significant change in the business model of Microsoft, even more because Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for anyone running Windows 7 or later. Traditionally, Microsoft has taken a nominal upgrade fee for existing Windows users, but now the model that seems to be, “You buy once, you are forever.”

With the membership, you will get continue receiving updates, as long as the hardware supports them. This is just like Chrome, applications, and other operating systems like iOS works. There will still be launch events for some feature packages (and you can be sure that the term “beta” will become more common in Windows Features), but there will still be all Windows 10. number of suspect Version eventually fade to the background and will only be known colloquially as “Windows”.

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