Windows Phone 8.1 may have File Manager Feature

As fast as Microsoft buys Nokia’s Windows Phone division there is a flurry of updates in windows phone features. Firstly Amber Update which added features like call-sms block, Glance screen and many more. Now Microsoft is adding one more feaure with its upcoming GDR3 update may be in Jan 2104, having Built-in File Manager as in Android Phones.

Windows Phone 8.1 may have File Manager Feature

This feature increases the content segregation policy and downloading the content directtly to phone instead of Apps. Actually this File Manager is suggested by some user in feature suggestion program launched by Microsoft for getting more users to windows phone.

One reader has posted a query for adding File Manager feature in windows phone 8.1 and there is a reply from windows phone team that the request has been accepted, which means we might see File Manager feature in Windows Phone 8.1.

Since inception of windows phone, it has less feature and low file managing skills as in Android phones. That’s why now Microsoft comes forward in improving and adding the features in upcoming windows phone 8.1.

Image credit to Metro Commander

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