20 Windows Phone 8 Help Tips about Calling and Messaging Feature

In Windows Phone 8, people face so many problems about calling and messaging feature. Some problems happen due to not having proper knowledge of using windows phone and some due to hardware problems. Every problems have some solution, some may not have soft solution means you need to replace hardware of your windows phone.

Microsoft has launched a community related to every product they serve. This community has windows phone  section where you can get answers to your problems in windows phone either from Microsoft experts or from people who knows the solution of these problems.

So we have found some 50 odd problems which we all face while using windows phone. These problems will solve your queries related to calling and messaging.

Windows Phone 8 Help Tips

1. How to Send Mp3 or Video File via Whatsapp ?

WhatsApp for Windows Phone has been struggling to catch up to its brethren on iOS and Android. One of the big missing features was attaching pre-recorded videos. Previously, users could only shoot a video to be directly attached, but never pull up an old one. Another missing feature is the inability to send songs or pre-recorded audio, though presumably that may be next on the WhatsApp development team’s list.

WhatsApp now has two versions: one public release and one private beta. The beta features, including video attachments, should be making their way to the public version in the near future, though no ETA is now known.

If you want to send Mp3 or Video file via Whatsapp, you need to first save the file in save file folder in windows phone where pictures and camera roll ar stored. That’s the only way till whatsapp update this feature for windows phone.

2. Nokia Lumia 730 Freeze while dialing & ending the call:

You can try to soft reset your phone. To do a proper soft reset, press and hold Volume Down + Power buttons for 10-15 seconds until the phone vibrates and turns off on itself (/!\ please ignore the slide down menu).

If that doesn’t work, you can try to hard reset the phone. Don’t forget to backup your data, as this will wipe the phone’s memory.

3. “Media content in this message”  what does that mean?

It means that the text has more than just text, usually a picture, but the phone was unable to download for a number of reasons. The two top reasons for seeing this are your mobile data is off, or your MMS APN settings are not properly configured.

4. How to see Call History on Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8:

Hold your finger down on the call and choose Details. You’ll see call time  and how many time you call on that number in a day.

5. Call dropped when making call using SIM1 and using data through SIM2:

If you are being unable to use your Windows Phone for call on SIM1 while the SIM2 is active for date connection, I would suggest you to try to soft and hard reset. If still same issue, I would suggest to contact your device manufacturer.

Soft reset: Press and hold simultaneously on volume down + power button for at least 15 seconds.

Hard reset by going to about section in settings but backup your phone before hard reset as it will delete your data.

6. No option to make voice calls from Facebook Messenger on all Windows phones:

Facebook app for windows phone didn’t have this feature.

7. Lumia phone can’t support Cortona & even play You tube:

At the moment Cortana is available only in Australia, Canada, China, India, the United Kingdom and the United States.

In order to use Cortana you phone needs to be updated to Windows Phone 8.1 Update. Which doesn’t mean it is enough to just have Windows Phone 8.1 (Cyan) installed on the phone, but it is necessary to install the update for Windows Phone 8.1.

Regarding the problem of watching YouTube videos on your phone you need to download and re-install the app.

8. Cannot send or recieve MMS on my Lumia Windows Phone:

I recommend you to talk with your Mobile Operator in case there is any problem with the configuration in your Sim Card.

But also you can try this in your phone and tell me if it worked for you.

  • Tap Settings
  • Tap access point
  • You may see an access point for your carrier like “AT&T” listed as “active”.  This is the one that is not working with MMS.
  • Tap the + icon at bottom to add a new fake access point.
  • In the “Name” section, under “Connection name”, enter any name like “fake”.
  • In the “Internet APN” section, under “Access Point Name”, enter any name like “fake apn”.
  • The check mark icon at the bottom should now be available for you to tap it so you can save this fake profile, tap it.
  • Back in the access point list, tap the fake access point you just created to switch to it.  Wait until it says that it is active.
  • Tap the back button.
  • Go back into access point menu and notice that your “AT&T” (or your carrier) access point is there, but it listed as “inactive” now.
  • Tap on it to make it active again and wait for it to say “active”.
  • Send an MMS picture message, your MMS should be working again.

9. Nokia Lumia won’t open pictures or group messages from friend

Your MMS APN settings are wrong. Trying using Settings>access point and selecting the correct carrier. This should set it up automatically. You may contact your mobile operator about providing you settings for MMS.

10. How do I save or transfer videos I receive in a text message to my phone, computer, or skydrive?

The video you receive text messages will be saved in your files manager. But still Microsoft doesn’t have solution for this.


If you have more queries related to calling and messaging in windows phone 8. share with us in comments. We will try to solve your queries asap.