Unique Way to customize your Windows Phone 8 Start Screen Layout

After upgrading to windows phone 8 and then windows phone 8.1, Windows Phone Home Screen can be customized to various designs. Making your home screen background Transparent, Live tiles make it more profound. If you love customizing your home screen then these layouts can do work for modifying your start screen.

One of the most interactive parts of Windows Phone is the Start screen and the way that you can without much of a stretch make your own, exceptional Start screen. In the event that you look on cell phones with Android and ios, they have a tendency to look very much alike and most users don’t considerably try to modify the way alternate apps and gadgets are shown. In Windows Phone, in the event that you invest a bit of time to redesign the Start screen, you can make some astounding outlines that truly emerge.

If you are bored of old windows phone 8 home screen designs then these best designs for windows phone 8 can do the trick for you.

Start Screen Designs for Windows Phones with Smaller Resolutions:

Windows Phones with smaller resolutions can display only four tiles on a row and the designs you can create are rather limited and definitely less detailed in comparison with smartphones with higher resolutions.

Windows Phone 8 max 4 Tiles design on home screen:

1.  You can make layout on First Letter of your name. As we have make it “A” at home scree.

start_screen_design 1


2. You can also draw any Number. As we have drawn “3”.

start_screen_design 2

3. You can made to look like a simple robot.

start_screen_design 3


If you want to add more tiles in horizontal direction on your home screen, you must have windows phone 8.1. If you have WP 8.1 then, Go to Settings > Start+Theme > Slide to right the “Show More Tiles option”. 

more tiles option

Here are some more designs after activating more tiles option.

more tiles home screen

The tiles on the Start screen might be organized and revamped anyway you need. You can change tiles size furthermore move them over the screen. While exploring different avenues regarding a few designs and outlines, we have discovered that there is a drawback to the way Windows Phone masterminds your tiles: when moving tiles around.

windows phone start screen 2

Windows Phone has a tendency to consequently push your tiles upwards and adjust them. Accordingly, you can’t leave a lot of vacant space between tiles, or they get reworked naturally by the working framework. This can make your plans harder to make at the outset.

source: 7tutorials