Xiaomi Windows Phone : Microsoft CEO meets with Xiaomi CEO

A week ago Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella met with its Xiaomi partner Lei Jun to discuss about Xiamoi Windows Phone,  provoking a torrential slide of bits of gossip that the Chinese organization may be pulled into the Windows eco-framework.


This, obviously, is still talk and at this stage, we can’t assert a thing. Be that as it may, its a reality that the Redmond titan could profit gigantically from collaborating with the climbing star from China, which routinely offers out its stock in minutes. So maybe eventually we see a Xiaomi-made cell phone or tablet running Windows (or Windows Phone).

The way I see things, Xiaomi would be absurd to enter the Windows eco-framework right now, however in 2015 – things could change. Maybe Nadella could make a unique course of action with Xiaomi, permitting the organization to go for the anticipated Windows 9 preceding different players get an opportunity to do likewise. Considering Xiaomi’s developing range, particularly in the quickly developing markets, that bodes well.

Nonetheless, current Windows 8 feels like Vista, an in the middle of item that asks for gimmicks and, all the more essentially, touch-improved applications.

Things could change one year from now, and here I expect that 2015 will be the year of Microsoft’s enormous rebound to the versatile space. Albeit I don’t have any inside data, I would say that the key offering purpose of Windows 9 will be its cross-stage portability that will at long last permit us to have one gadget for the greater part of our needs. When you’re out on the town, use Windows gadget as a telephone, and when you’re home or at the workplace – dock it to get the out-and-out desktop machine.

Tsk-tsk, Windows would need to be re-composed starting from the earliest stage to make this conceivable. Today’s processors and battery innovation can barely adapt to requests of Microsoft’s stage (full Windows 8). One year from now, nonetheless, we’ll see the first effective 64-bit portable chips hitting the business (Snapdragon 810), and Nadella & Co. could be working round the clock to advance the Windows code to exploit these processors.

We’ll perceive how that goes, and meanwhile – we expect that Xiaomi will dispatch few MIUI/Android-fueled gadgets which continue acquiring the ben

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